Certification requirements

*see forms below

Certified Lay Servant- A Certified Lay Servant serves the local church or charge through leadership, assist and support.

  1. Obtain recommendation from the pastor and the church council or charge conference of the local church or other United Methodist Ministry in which he/she holds membership
  2. Completed the Lay Servant Ministries BASIC course (Ministry Discernment Retreat)
  3. Applied to and had qualification reviewed by the DCOM on Lay Servant Ministries or equivalent structure ¶668.3
  4. Complete advanced course every three years

Certified Lay Speaker-The role of a Certified Lay Speaker is a specific calling for ministry of pulpit supply

  1. Must first be a Certified Lay Servant.
  2. Obtain recommendation from the pastor and the church council or charge conference of the local church he/she holds membership
  3. Complete a track of study including courses on leading worship, leading prayer, preaching, United Methodist heritage and polity. All requirements are met by attending the Lay Speaking Retreat held annually through the Dakotas Annual Conference.
  4. Interviewed by the District Committee for approval and certification

Certified Lay Minister-serves as part of a ministry team with the supervision and support of a clergy person

  1. Attend Ministry Discernment Retreat
  2. Submit “Call Statement” of interest to the District Superintendent for approval
  3. Pastor and charge conference approval
  4. Complete certification as a Lay Servant (by taking advance course)
  5. Complete required training (Modules 2-4)-available annual through the Dakotas Annual Conference Licensing School
  6. Endorsement by appropriate District Committee
  7. File Annual Report w/ documentation of 10 hrs. of continuing education annually


Lay Servant Ministries Certification Renewal-Paper

Lay Servant Ministries Certificat Renewal-Online

Certified Lay Minister

 Discernment Follow up Assignment 

CLM Process Checklist

CLM Recommendation Form

CLM Background Authorization Form

CLM Biographical Information Form-201

General Conference 2016

Adopted LSM Legislation