Lay Leadership

The Dakotas Lay Servant Ministry Executive Team consists of the eight District Co-Lay Leaders two Conference Co-Lay Leaders, and two Conference Co-Directors of Lay Servant Ministries. Contact information is listed below. We work to ensure that training opportunities for laity exist regionally, and that they cover the topics and resources that will most effectively equip the men and women of the Dakotas UMC for leadership.

If you would like to schedule a Ministry Discernment Retreat or advanced Lay Servant Course (such as small group building, preaching, youth group leader training, care giving ministries, etc.) or have any suggestions, or questions about the ministry of laity in your area, please contact any of the following:

Conference Co-Lay Leaders


Myrna Hill Phone 605-490-0109

Jane Hincks  701-202-5456



Districts Co-Lay Leaders

Glacial Lakes 

Eastern Sunrise 

Prairie Hills District 

Sakakawea District 

Conference Co-Directors of Lay Servant Ministries

Conference Leadership Development