Morningstar ministry connects Native Americans

Posted on June 26, 2017 | AC 2017












Photo: Bishop Bruce R. Ough, resident bishop Dakotas-Minnesota Area, congratulates Pastor Susan Jennys as the 2017 recipient of the Strems of Justice Award at the 24th Session of the Dakotas Annual Conference in Bismarck. Photo by David Stucke, Dakotas Conference communication.

The power of connection can start with just one person sensing a call, multiplying their passion and gifts by inviting others to join in, and taking a bold step to connect across racial, cultural, socio-economic or other lines. The Streams of Justice Award is meant to lift up and celebrate a United Methodist sponsored program or event which has as its main purpose to promote justice in the Dakotas Conference.  Recipients are chosen by the Extending Missional Impact Link.  

The recipient of this year’s Streams of Justice award is Pastor Susan Jennys and the Morningstar Fellowship. 

Morningstar Fellowship, an outreach to Native Americans in the Sioux Falls region, makes contacts with Native Americans through sacred conversations in the informal setting of morning coffee. As the nomination noted, “We who are called to greet the stranger, love our neighbors and to treat all people with the same respect and dignity we would wish to be treated, need to be active in breaking down the “dividing walls” which separate us. Susan is distinctly qualified to lead this ministry from both her educational background and from her current experience in working with Native issues. She has a passion for working in the arena of Native American issues and desires to see the love and grace of God.”  

Several letters commending Jennys for her efforts were received along with the award nomination.  In these letters, members expressed their appreciation for the social justice forums that Pastor Susan has set up for the communities of Chester and Colton, discussing issues such as human trafficking and Native American history and bridge building to understanding and relationship.

She has also added to their experience of celebrating Native American Ministries Sunday by inviting Native American artist Jerry Fogg to be the speaker. Additionally, members of the church expressed their gratitude for the ways in which, under Pastor Susan’s leadership, they have been able to reach out to Tree of Life mission through donations and hands on ministry.  

“Because of the work of Pastor Susan and the Morningstar Fellowship, we are honored to present them with the 2017 Streams of Justice Award,” stated Rev. Ron Olson, chair of the Missional Impact Link, when presenting the award.