The Vital Connection episode two: Creating a culture of call, reflections from Pastor Charlie Moore

Posted on September 11, 2017

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Rev. Charlie Moore, began as the spiritual leader at Sioux Falls Sunnycrest UMC in July.  He has already identified three leaders in the church to nurture their call to ministry.

Prior to his ministry at Sunnycrest UMC, Moore was leading college and youth ministry for Madison UMC at the local church, Dakota State University and at Madison High School.  Watch a video of Moore’s ministry at Madison UMC.

Moore has a passion and is ready to raise up leaders from within the church with the gifts that God has enabled him with.

In episode two of The Vital Connection, Moore discusses with Jeff Pospisil, Dakotas Conference Executive Director of Finance and Administration, his thoughts about raising up leaders within the church. Here are some keys to consider, from Moore’s perspective, that will help you create a culture of call as a leader and as a church:

  • Clergy leaders have three fears that often prevent them for raising up a leader:  1) What if the leader is better than me?  2) What if the leader fails me?  3) Can I risk being in an authentic relationship with the leader where they see my weaknesses?

  • Future leaders need space and affirmation to wrestle with the Lord about their call and conviction to the Lord. Their natural skills and abilities are important but it is more important that the Lord is convicting them.

  • As a pastoral leader, you cannot have complete control over the ministry of the church and have passionate leaders.  Controlling leaders end up with managers and followers – not leaders. Fostering passionate leaders requires admitting your need for help and accepting that there will be times of chaos and the unexpected.

  • Do not just grab people to fill a position. It is more damaging to have the wrong person in a position than to leave it empty.

  • It is all about relationship. To find the right person and to develop that person, an authentic relationship is vital. Authentic relationships take time.

Tools and resources for creating a culture of call in your church

  • Attend the fall leadership event at Pierre First UMC, September 22-23. This event will feature Lead Expectantly talks that will stretch your thinking about being a church leader. Click here for all of the details.

  • Encourage a young adult that you know to attend Exploration 2017, Nov. 3-5 in Portland, Oregon. The Dakotas Conference will be sponsoring a group of young adults.  If you know of someone that would be a good fit let the Office of Leadership Development by e-mail or calling 605-990-7796. Hurry, the deadline is September 30.  Click here for more information.

  • Contact Deb Kjerstad, Director of Leadership Development, or reach out to Taya Swanson, Coordinator of Leadership Development, for resources and ideas about how you or your church can help raise up new leaders.  Phone 605-990-7796  |  E-mail Website

  • Connect with Rev. Charlie Moore by e-mail or on Facebook