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Prayer needed: Ferguson erupts after officer not charged in teen's shooting

A Missouri grand jury's decision not to indict a white police officer on any charges in the fatal August shooting of an unarmed black teenager unleashed a wave of violent protests Monday night similar to what engulfed the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson in August. Bishop Robert Schnase, Missouri Area of The United Methodist Church issued a call for prayer.
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Churches reach out to community with Thanksgiving meal

In a gesture of goodwill two local churches provided a Thanksgiving meal to the entire community. Wagner United Methodist Church in Wagner,South Dakota hosted the Fellowship Feast for the eighth year. Kenmare Regional United Methodist Church, a new church start in Kenmare, North Dakota served a Thanksgiving meal to over 225 at the local school.
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Unknown Territory-- Random thoughts from Rebecca

Uftda! The packing continues. Just when you think you’ve made huge headway, it seems as if the remaining pieces start breeding. It seems that the “transitional emotions” tend to ebb and flow as well. What will the new place be like? Will we make friends? Will we like our new neighbors? Will the work be stressful?
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A Message from the Bishop

Char and I have just returned from my last official trip to Southeast Asia as the episcopal leader of the United Methodist Missions in Vietnam, Thailand, and Laos. During my visit, there were tender goodbyes and some expressions of anxiety about what the future holds. I have grown to love the people of Vietnam, Thailand, and Laos. I have deep appreciation and respect for our pastors who serve these missions at great sacrifice and often personal risk of persecution and imprisonment.
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