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Get Ready. Click. Give. #GivingTuesday starts tonight!

Tonight is the time for making that online gift. If you give online at midnight you can double your dollars through a matching gift from UMC Global Ministries. Last year Dakotas Conference Advance Projects Katie Peterson--Out in Faith Bakken Oil Rush Ministry, Solar Oven Partners and Tree of Life Ministry were recipients of over $30,000 in matching funds. So get ready to click and give tonight.
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Nightwatch Canteen program will receive Lend-A-Hand funds

Heading to parking lots in Sioux Falls’ urban core on dark and cold evenings, feeding those they can and offering a willing ear and a bit of conversation to any interested in sharing their story that is the Nightwatch Canteen. Each year Lend-A-Hand solicits funds for a community organization. The 2015 campaign is benefiting the Nightwatch Canteen, which is operated by local United Methodist churches to serve evening meals each Sunday. Patrick Anderson of the Sioux Falls Argus Leader has the story.
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Rebecca's Random Thoughts: Taking steps in faith

How often do we pay more attention to our comfort zone than to the desperate need someone has to connect with another person even for just a brief time? I may be an extrovert but my default, in large gatherings, is to find people I know to sit with or visit with. When I find myself in a large group setting or even at the end of the potluck line, it’s as if I revert back to junior high—scanning the room for someone I know rather than SEEING the people God wants me to get to know.
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A Message from the Bishop

This is a troubled and fearful time for the world. The recent terrorist attacks in Paris, Lebanon, and over the Sinai; the uncontained butchery of ISIS in Syria and Iraq; and the mass migration of millions seeking refuge from these horrors leave us bewildered, overwhelmed, afraid. It does feel as if we are in the midst of an unconventional third world war. This is a time when we long to pray, but also to put our faith into action.
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