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Are you prepared to vote?

Bishop Ough asks three questions: Do you love Jesus? Do you love your neighbors? Are you ready to vote? Ough writes, "As United Methodists, we have a wonderful opportunity to express our DNA. I urge you to go to the polls. Go as a citizen of the Kingdom of God. Go as an advocate for God’s children. Go to bring good news to the poor. Go to let the oppressed go free. Go to proclaim the Lord’s favor. Go to express your love for your neighbor."
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How are precious planting dollars spent?

In the Dakotas Conference, we have embarked on a great task to raise significant dollars and invest those funds in many new church plants. Each dollar raised comes from a person or congregation that has responded to the biblical call to sacrifice and generosity. Precious dollars. How are they then to be spent in the endeavor to plant churches? Rev. Ben Ingebretson, area director of new church development, shares four principles that guide church-plant expenditures in the conference.
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Board work with GBHEM begins for Trefz

Rev. Rebecca Trefz, Dakotas Conference director of ministries, traveled to Nashville, TN this past week to participate in the board meeting for the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry (GBHEM). This initial meeting, held September 13-16, Trefz described as an orientation into what the members do as a board. She has been assigned to work with the Division on Ordained Ministry.
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A Message from the Bishop

I stand with my Lakota and Dakota brothers and sisters because I believe the central question of the creation story is at the heart of their lament and their protest: What will we do with the blessing of power God has given us? This is a particularly poignant God-question for those of us who have the power of privilege in our country and the world. I urge all Dakotas United Methodists to wrestle with this question so central to our faith and witness
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