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Bishop Ough sees Supreme Court decision influential to denominational debate

The recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling will win praise from some United Methodists and trouble others. On one thing many United Methodists agree: The decision will likely add urgency to a longtime denominational debate on the church's position on homosexuality. “The role of The United Methodist Church and all who follow Jesus is to love our neighbors and to be purveyors of peace and justice,” Bishop Bruce R. Ough, Dakotas-Minnesota Area of The United Methodist Church.
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240 Dakota strong Go On

The Dakotas Conference had a huge presence this past week in Orlando, Florida at YOUTH15. There were 240 youth and adults from across North Dakota and South Dakota who travelled to reach out in mission work and be inspired to "Go On". One in every 20 of the 5,000 that attended YOUTH15 was from the Dakotas Conference.
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Rebecca's Random Thoughts: Taking steps in faith

How often do we pay more attention to our comfort zone than to the desperate need someone has to connect with another person even for just a brief time? I may be an extrovert but my default, in large gatherings, is to find people I know to sit with or visit with. When I find myself in a large group setting or even at the end of the potluck line, it’s as if I revert back to junior high—scanning the room for someone I know rather than SEEING the people God wants me to get to know.
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A Message from the Bishop

My heart is breaking. An unspeakable crime of hatred against one of our sister Methodist congregations—Mother Emanuel AME in Charleston, South Carolina—has shaken me and our nation. The African Methodist Episcopal Church was born in 1816 of racism in the Methodist Episcopal Church and now in 2015, nearly 200 years later, the Mother Emanuel AME congregation is the victim of racist hatred. I join the lament: How long, O Lord, how long?
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