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United Methodists complete Minot rebuild

MINOT, NORTH DAKOTA -- The last house has been rebuilt thanks to the efforts of United Methodists throughout the Dakotas Conference and the country. Over 10,000 people experienced major damage or had a complete loss of their home after a flood of the Souris River in June 2011.
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Unknown Territory-- Random thoughts from Rebecca

Uftda! The packing continues. Just when you think you’ve made huge headway, it seems as if the remaining pieces start breeding. It seems that the “transitional emotions” tend to ebb and flow as well. What will the new place be like? Will we make friends? Will we like our new neighbors? Will the work be stressful?
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A Message from the Bishop

To heal a broken world is one of Jesus’ core missional imperatives. And, it is clearly related to Jesus’ other core mission imperatives to love God and neighbor and reach new people. Every time I look into the faces of the children captured in the television reports, I see my own grandson. Cailum was born in Guatemala and was adopted by our middle son and his spouse, Stuart and Christine. Except for the grace of God, he could be one of the children risking all to cross the border to freedom and a new start
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