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Over 200 gather in Watford City for fellowship and faith

What do you do on the first day of spring in Watford City, North Dakota? Celebrate in fellowship with a spaghetti feed. Over 225 people gathered at the Civic Center in Watford City to eat spaghetti, have conversation, be encouraged and experience the love of God.
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Be a HSOP volunteer

Solar Oven Partners' volunteers, says Associate Director Cathy Hoss, come from all walks of life and include a wide range of faith backgrounds and ages--from pre-teen to those in their 90s. Volunteers are comprised of women, men, children and youth
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Rebecca's Random Thoughts: Taking steps in faith

How often do we pay more attention to our comfort zone than to the desperate need someone has to connect with another person even for just a brief time? I may be an extrovert but my default, in large gatherings, is to find people I know to sit with or visit with. When I find myself in a large group setting or even at the end of the potluck line, it’s as if I revert back to junior high—scanning the room for someone I know rather than SEEING the people God wants me to get to know.
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A Message from the Bishop

We have entered the season of Epiphany. This is the portion of the church year in which we celebrate that Jesus is the Light of the World. A Light that shines in the darkness and a Light that can never be extinguished. A Light that came into the world to fulfill the law. A Light that came into the world offering us salvation, hope, and abundant life. A Light that came into the world to make God’s love incarnate.
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