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Warren Kuhler Memorial Grants

The Dakotas Conference Commission on Archives and History is pleased to offer to local churches within the Dakotas Conference the opportunity to apply for assistance from Warren Kuhler Memorial Grants. These mission-initiative grants are available to assist in preserving churches’ local histories and making their stories accessible in support of their disciple-making, world-transforming mission.
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Be part of a miracle: Bring Change

Churches, groups and individuals are encouraged to literally bring change – coins, dollar bills and checks – by utilizing Imagine No Malaria donation box banks for collecting contributions at events throughout the next 55 days. Bishop Bruce R. Ough has called for a Miracle Offering to support Imagine No Malaria, an initiative of the people of The United Methodist Church. The Miracle Offering will be collected at the 2015 Annual Conference Session in Fargo, North Dakota, June 4-6, 2015.
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Rebecca's Random Thoughts: Taking steps in faith

How often do we pay more attention to our comfort zone than to the desperate need someone has to connect with another person even for just a brief time? I may be an extrovert but my default, in large gatherings, is to find people I know to sit with or visit with. When I find myself in a large group setting or even at the end of the potluck line, it’s as if I revert back to junior high—scanning the room for someone I know rather than SEEING the people God wants me to get to know.
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A Message from the Bishop

Christ is risen! Take hold of him. It is the only way to have abundant life. It is the only way to make the Kingdom reality your everyday reality. It is the only way we become Easter People. It is the only way to embrace the carnival of hope and joy.
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