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Week 2: Give Up Harsh, Condemning Judgements: Rev. Rebecca Trefz, 2016 Lenten Study

In the second week of the seven-part Lenten Study from the Dakotas Conference Cabinet, Director of Ministries Rev. Rebecca Trefz looks at what separates us from those Jesus calls us to love. Chapter two, "Give Up Harsh, Condemning Judgements for Lent", gives us insight into the negative power of judgement, from which we need to break free.
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Dakotas and Minnesota Camping Boards move forward with expanded partnership

The Dakotas and Minnesota conferences’ camp and retreat ministries are combining their strengths and leadership and coming together to form a joint governance team. This new arrangement will expand the camping-related offerings for United Methodists in each conference and allow the conferences to share best practices to create the strongest possible area camp and retreat ministry. “I believe in the power of the connectional system—that we can do more and do better together than we can on our own,” said Dakotas Director of Ministries, Rev. Rebecca Trefz. The partnership ultimately provides more opportunities to make disciples and develop leaders across the area, and people in each conference will have more camps to choose from and more options to become involved in the camping ministry.
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Rebecca's Random thoughts: Vulnerability hangover

I had an interesting epiphany recently. I used to wonder why I was so exhausted on Sunday afternoons when I was a pastor. I mean I am an extrovert so being around people all morning energized me. I don't think it was the early morning thing. Although I did enjoy summers when church didn't start until 9:45. What I think it was for me was a “vulnerability hangover.”
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A Message from the Bishop

Is peace possible? Is peace possible? It is not only possible; it is imperative! For Christians, the answer is an unequivocal and resounding, “Yes!” Peace is not only possible, but we believe that in and through the Incarnation—the Prince of Peace with us—the reign of God’s peace has already been initiated.
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