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A young person's look at Mission u

Over 110 Dakotas United Methodists attended Mission u. Marie Stucke, 21, an intern at the Dakotas Conference office, was one of those participants. “I was really pleasantly surprised at how open everyone was to a young person like me,” she said. “I did not expect that. It is comforting to have someone interested in what I have to say.” Stucke attended Mission u in Mitchell.
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13 students from 3 conferences attend Dakotas licensing school

“At licensing school, the students learn preaching, teaching, UM polity, organization and administration, spiritual formation and counseling, missions and evangelism, and many other practical lessons for serving a congregation,” said Rev. Val Reinhiller, dean of the Dakotas Conference licensing school. There were 13 students from 3 different Annual Conferences - Dakotas, Minnesota and Wisconsin - that attended the week-long school held at Living Waters Retreat Center.
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Rebecca's Random thoughts: Seven Things I’ve observed/learned about myself in the first week of General Conference

As I sit here in the comfortable familiarity of a Starbucks at the halfway point of the 2016 General Conference, my mind and heart feel like they are swirling around. The past week has been an emotional and spiritual roller coaster. At points I felt so grateful that I was given the privilege to be here and that we have an awesome church that is truly transforming the world. Then the roller coaster would come crashing down and I wanted to bag it all and join the circus! So I thought maybe trying to get some of these thoughts on paper (computer) might help me keep from sending my resume to the Shriners. So here are the Seven Things I’ve observed/learned about myself in the first week of General Conference:
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A Message from the Bishop

Char and I are delighted to be re-assigned to the Dakotas-Minnesota Area. Our hearts are in the Area and it brings us great joy to be able to follow our hearts. We have accomplished much in the last four years together. The list is too long to recite. The faithfulness, courage to innovate and generosity of United Methodists in Minnesota and the Dakotas has clearly set us on a path to vitality in our witness and missional impact.
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