• Kids Count 2017 Miracle Offering

    Monday, March 27, 2017
    The Miracle Offering is gathered within United Methodist churches of North and South Dakota and delivered to annual conference session. It benefits international, national, and Dakotas Conference missions. This year’s offering, “Kids Count Miracle Offering,” has both a hands-on and financial component.
  • 2017 UMAC Awards turn up the light for the Dakotas

    Monday, March 27, 2017
    March 23 was a special day for storytellers gathered from around the world to “Embrace the Story” at the United Methodist Association of Communicators Conference in New Orleans, LA. The efforts of 160 communicators were recognized at the Awards Celebration Dinner. The Dakotas communications team was the recipient of 12 awards and a Best of Class Award for video production. “Our job is easy because United Methodists throughout the Dakotas give us great stories to tell and are passionate disciples,” said Doreen Gosmire, director of communication for the Dakotas Conference.
  • Is it time to air out church?

    Monday, March 27, 2017
    Doing ministry outside of the four walls is as old as dirt. Wesley was a master at reaching beyond the four walls with open air preaching. He was taking his cue from the apostles who ministered in the public spaces of their day. Wesley knew that to connect with people you have to go to where they are.
  • Around the Conference March 27

    Monday, March 27, 2017 | Announcements
    Here's what you need to know in the Dakotas Conference for the upcoming weeks. Please forward this link to anyone you know who would benefit from knowing about these events, and might not even know about this listing.
  • Lenten series week four - Lose your big buts

    Lenten series week four - Lose your big buts

    Tuesday, March 21, 2017 | Videos
    Week four of our 2017 Lenten video series features Rev. Kermit Culver, district superintendent of the Sakakawea District of the Dakotas Conference. These videos and bulletin inserts accompany the Dare to Dream Lenten study guide by Rev. Mike Slaughter. In this video message, "Lose Your Big Buts – Allow God’s strength to be displayed in your weakness", Rev. Culver highlights chapter four of the book.
  • Embracing our DNA

    Monday, March 20, 2017
    Have you heard of “23andMe”? Bishop Ough asks in his latest message. You might have seen this ancestry testing service advertised on TV. Its slogan is “23 pairs of chromosomes, one unique you.” You send them a swab of your DNA; they analyze your DNA and then give you a detailed report about what your DNA tells you about your ancestry and a host of related traits, even your health. Bishop Ough says he knows exactly what our founding DNA would tell us about Dakotas United Methodists today. He explores our propensity to be learners, to change the world, to do good work and to work for the common good of all, to lead, to persevere, and to be lovers. Read more here.
  • Spirit Lake congregation experiences first lenten season together

    Monday, March 20, 2017
    Spirit Lake Ministry, Spirit Lake Nation, North Dakota — Spirit Lake Ministry kicked off the Lenten Season with a portrayal of Peter, the disciple who denied Jesus three times. “We are very excited about our first full Easter season together as a congregation,” said Flowers. “As we come up on Easter, our first worship service last year, we stand in awe at the way God has moved in our lives.”
  • Sierra Leone, Here We Come

    Monday, March 20, 2017
    Seven eager Solar Oven Partners (SOP) packed their bags and boarded a plane to West Africa last Friday. “SOP has been looking at Sierra Leone as a potential future mission field,” explains SOP Director Rick Jost. He adds that an invitation by the Rev. John K. Yambasu, the United Methodist Bishop of Sierra Leone, opened the door, providing a unique opportunity to run a pilot project through the United Methodist Church (UMC) of Sierra Leone.”
  • Diane Owen to oversee Lilly grant programming

    Monday, March 20, 2017 | Announcements
    Diane Owen was recently named Lilly grant program director for the Dakotas-Minnesota Area—a role through which she will oversee the implementation of a $1 million grant from Lilly Endowment Inc. that was awarded to the area late last year. “It is difficult to lead others and a church when you are not confident and comfortable with your financial situation,” Owen said. “I hope to help clergy and churches move away from the scarcity mentality.”
  • Around the Conference March 20, 2017

    Monday, March 20, 2017 | Announcements
    Here's what's going on around the Dakotas Conference in the immediate future. Events, training, internship opportunities, signups for Conference and mission opportunities. It's all happening here.