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What We Do

Financial Foundations Workshops and Webinars

The Dakotas United Methodist Foundation and the Dakotas Conference Finance Office will be hosting workshops and webinars with the purpose of helping our churches in the Dakotas Conference to have more money for ministry.

Pastors, treasurers, finance committee members, and anyone interested in stewardship and generosity in the church are welcome to join.


Our Workshop Sessions

Sturgis UMC - October 27, 2018
This workshop will look out how building relationships leads to a life of generosity in the church. 
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Our Webinar Sessions

"A Deep Dive into Endowments and Legacy Giving" - August 19, 2019
Endowments are difficult for most people to understand. What is an endowment? Who holds the money? How does the church get access to that money? Are there restrictions on how the money can be used? Why would a church or a church member want an endowment setup instead of just making a lump-sum gift? Sheri and Jeff will dive into the details and hopefully provide some clarity on these questions.
Endowment Application

"The Why's and How's of Online Giving" - May 13, 2019
Electronic giving has been around for a long time, but many of our churches do not provide a way for people to give besides cash or check.  In this webinar, we will cover: Top reasons why a church should consider offering electronic giving; Most important criteria for choosing a service provider for electronic giving; Biggest mistakes in rolling out electronic giving to your church.

"The Art of the Ask" - February 11, 2019
We can ask people to serve on a committee or serve in the choir or speak in front of the church, but most of us have no idea how to ask a donor for a large gift. In this webinar, we will focus on who and how to effectively ask donors for large gifts that further your ministry.
How to have LESS Awkward Conversations

"Fear of the Finance Committee" - November 12, 2018
For new people and pastors joining or working with the finance committee, there is often a lot of anxiety and fear. In this webinar, we discuss ways in which everyone can ease that anxiety and work together.

"Giving and the Life of the Church" - September 10, 2018
This webinar addresses how to incorporate principles of stewardship and generosity into the life of the church.



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