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Merit Scholarships for United Methodist Seminarians

Zac Durant


Scholarships are awarded each year to seminary students showing exceptional promise or achievement in preparation for ordained ministry in the United Methodist Church. Applications are due by April 1st and applicants are notifed of decisions in May.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Applicants must be certified candidates for ministry in the United Methodist church at the time scholarships are distributed.
  • Applicants must be enrolled or intend to enroll during the coming academic year in a seminary accredited by the United Methodist Church University Senate and/or in Kairos.
  • Preference will be given to candidates who have an established connection to the Dakotas Conference or who can demonstrate the intent to establish such a connection.

Application Instructions: All materials must be submitted at the same time.

  • Complete and submit the application along with the following uploaded documents:

  • Letter of reference from someone familiar with your character and your call to ministry
  • Second letter of reference from someone familiar with your academic performance as a college student or seminarian
  • Official Transcript of most recent semester grades
  • Updated resume
  • Be available in the event the committee decides to interview finalists.

Essays: Upload the following essays to this form:

What would it mean for you to be ordained as a United Methodist elder/deacon? Please describe your understanding of ordained ministry in the United Methodist Church in terms of your past and/or current ministry in the church. (Limit your answer to 250 words.)

How will your gifts and skills for ordained ministry help you succeed in your role in the church in the coming decades? (Limit your answer to 500 words.)

By signing this application, the scholarship candidate certifies that he or she meets the eligibility requirements of this scholarship as outlined on page 1. Furthermore, he or she gives permission to the scholarship committee or its representative to receive and evaluate information regarding the candidates qualifications.