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Morningstar ministry connects Native Americans

The power of connection can start with just one person sensing a call, multiplying their passion and gifts by inviting others to join in, and taking a bold step to connect across racial, cultural, socio-economic or other lines. The Streams of Justice Award is meant to lift up and celebrate a United Methodist sponsored program or event which has as its main purpose to promote justice in the Dakotas Conference. The recipient of this year’s Streams of Justice award is Pastor Susan Jennys and the Morningstar Fellowship.
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Searching for United Methodist history at the bottom of Lake Agassiz

Rev. Dr. Stephen Perry writes about a recent historical discovery—Turning west toward the edge of town, we soon parked in front of a sign that read, “Emerado Sunset Prairie Cemetery 1883.” We got out of our vehicle, walked to what seemed to be the oldest sections of the cemetery, and started looking at gravestones. But was this even the right cemetery? Not all rural cemeteries are known to the Internet or anybody except people who live near them. In about ten minutes, we found a barely legible gravestone. “Dora Mellicent/ Dau. of /TF & Mary/Ward/Born/Oct. 22, 1870/Died/Aug. 18, 1888/[epitaph].”
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Connecting across the globe: Rebecca's Random Thoughts

A few weeks ago, Steve and I had the opportunity to journey to the other side of the globe. I (Rebecca) am a member the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry (GBHEM) and this spring we held our board meeting in conjunction with the 25th anniversary celebration of Africa University (AU). Africa University was founded by the United Methodist Church 25 years ago in the country of Zimbabwe. It is a Pan-African Institution designed to reach students from across the continent, provide them with quality education as well as strong United Methodist values and ethics, in order to positively impact the continent of Africa and the entire world. The experience was phenomenal and we learned and observed many things.
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A Message from the Bishop

The Doctrine of Discovery, first articulated by Roman Catholic Pope Nicholas V in a Papal Bull in 1452 has served as the basis of justifying war against all non-Christians throughout the world and sanctioning and promoting the conquest, colonialization, and exploitation of non-Christian nations and their territories for nearly 500 years. As a bishop of The United Methodist Church and a North Dakotan who is the product of the application of this doctrine and its inherent racism, I am committed to the fulfillment of the General Conference resolution. It is time to bury the Doctrine of Discovery forever.
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