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Bishop Ough preaches in London

By: Priscilla Muzerengwa, communicator for the Zimbabwe East Conference of The United Methodist Church

British Umc Celebration 1 Chapel 1938

United Methodist Bishop Bruce Ough preaches from the pulpit at historic Wesley Chapel in London during the opening worship service of a 50th anniversary celebration of the concordat agreement between the United Methodist and British Methodist churches. Photo by Alex Baker.

Representatives of The United Methodist Church and Methodist Church in Britain held two worship services together as they gathered to mark the 50th anniversary of an agreement between the two denominations.

In his sermon during the opening worship, United Methodist Bishop Bruce R. Ough, episcopal leader of the Dakotas-Minnesota Area, challenged the church to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ, being the servant without looking to be served. 

Ough described the world as filled with people drowning in loneliness, hurt, fear, hopelessness, doubt — people who are oppressed, hungry, homeless or being forced into slavery; people who are unemployed or do not have adequate health care or access to education; people who are sick or victims of abuse, war, greed and neglect.

He reminded the gathering that the church already knows the truth of how to advance Christ’s mission, express vibrant living faith, proclaim the good news, restore desolate places and renew ruined cities. 

“Together, let us claim our identity, Mr. Wesley’s vision of Methodism as a preaching order in the church universal,” Ough said. 




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