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Builders Club Winter 2020: Plankinton UMC

For those who cling to the true God, it is said, “Clear the way that they travel; widen the roads and make them smooth!
Take away any difficulty so that they may go easily!”

Isaiah 57:14

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Plankinton United Methodist Church is more than a place of worship, it is an integral part of the Plankinton, South Dakotas community. The Plankinton UMC congregation has taken huge steps to prepare themselves and their facility to reach the next generation and community for Christ.

Throughout the past few years, the church has grown to host many church and community activities including Vacation Bible School, Financial Peace University classes, counseling services, youth group, guitar lessons, an after-school program, community meals, blood drives, and more. The Plankinton UMC also accommodates all community activities that require handicap accessible access.

With so many community events happening at the church, the need to be open and easily accessible to all is essential. Due to all the heavy snow and rain the Plankinton area has received in the past year, the gravel parking lot has become broken, messy, and inconvenient. Church members have even started to join the service online to avoid using a parking lot that is difficult to navigate. Adding gravel for maintenance throughout the years has resulted in a parking lot that is difficult to drain, causing further issues and extensive work to repair.

The Plankinton UMC congregation has a history of turning their desires into energy and discipleship in order to bring their hopes and plans to fruition. Although Plankinton UMC is a church with limited financial resources, the church members have gotten behind this project to raise funds. They are also donating time, energy, and equipment to cut costs.

The parking lot is the first thing people see, and Plankinton UMC is ready for their first impression to be one of welcome, not one of frustration. Each car that enters the Plankinton UMC parking lot carries people hungry for faith and belonging; marriages with new beginnings; families with serious illnesses; youth looking for direction; people who have lost loved ones; and much more. With your support, we can help all of these people find a welcoming home to encounter the love and peace of Jesus that they seek. 

We are so grateful for your continued support of the Builders Club and ask that you prayerfully consider a gift of $25 or more to support Plankinton UMC. The gifts for this call will be received until March 31, 2020. Please send your gift to: Builders Club, Dakotas United Methodist Foundation, PO Bo 460, Mitchell, SD 57301. Or donate online.

Holmes UMC thanks you . . . .  $12,000 awarded!

On behalf of the Holmes UMC, I would like to say a huge THANK YOU, to the Builders Club. As a small rural parish, some of the updates needed at the parsonage kept being put off until they became a safety concern. The original windows are not able to be opened. Half of those have been replaced, and the other half will be replaced shortly. The siding has taken a beating over the years and will be replaced soon as well. None of this would have been possible without help from the Builders Club, and we are so grateful. Thank you once again! - Pastor Rob Salmonson

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