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Klingbeil Grants are back for 2022

Klingbeil Rebate Grants 2022

The Dakotas Methodist Foundation is again offering the Klingbeil Grants for churches who open a new investment or endowment account between July 1 - December 31, 2022. 

Klingbeil Investors Grant: Churches that establish a new investment account with the Foundation from July 1 - December 31, 2022  will receive an annual grant of 2% of their initial deposit for the three years following their initial investment. This grant applies only to the first $75,000 invested. The grant will be forfeited if the church closes the account before the end of the third year. The principle must remain invested for the full three years and earnings are available after one year. For example: A church invests $50,000 in a new investment account. At the end of each year, for three years, $1,000 will be deposited in the church’s account. After three years, $3,000 will have been deposited in the account, plus interest.

Investment Accounts take advantage of the Foundation’s investment power to provide more funds for the ministries of your church. You have access to the funds after one year of the initial investment.

Klingbeil Legacy Grant: Churches that establish a new endowment fund with the Foundation from July 1 - December 31, 2022  will receive an instant grant of 10% of the amount invested. For example: A church that establishes an endowment of $50,000 would receive an instant grant of $5,000 to bring the principal up to $55,000. An endowment of that size will typically generate about $2,500 annually. The maximum new endowment size is $250,000 plus a $25,000 grant, or $275,000.

Endowments keep the principal amount intact forever but allow you to use the investment income for the ministries of your church.

Klingbeil Investors Grants and Klingbeil Legacy Grants for endowments are available thanks to a wonderful gift by Maynard Klingbeil. Read more about Maynard Klingbeil.


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