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Who We Are

CCYM Leadership

The Conference Council on Youth Ministry is a group of up to 20 youth and 10 adults who serve Jesus Christ through service to the youth and youth workers of the Dakotas Conference of The United Methodist Church.  


Each year, a new council is selected to work together for one year.  To serve on CCYM: Apply online yearly. 

Our Mission

"To offer Christ to the youth of the Dakotas Conference."

Our Vision

  • To serve the youth of the Conference.
  • To show and teach Christian leadership, in hope of forming the churches of tomorrow.
  • To serve as a communication link between youth, the Annual Conference, and the general church.
  • To advocate for youth world wide.
  • To serve as administration guiding policy to serve the youth of the Conference.

Apply to become a member of CCYM today! Applications are due May 1, 2018. There are three parts to the application.  1) The application can be completed online here. 2) Each application needs to have recommendations for the applicant details here. 3) Recorded video interviews are due by May 31, 2018, details here. You will find all of the forms below also.

CCYM Application

CCYM Reccomendation Form

We ask that you also seek a recommendation from someone who can speak to your skills and leadership abilities for CCYM.  Send them this link or have them complete the recommendation form here.

CCYM applicant video information needed

Each applicant for CCYM is asked to submit a video. The video is an interview of the CCYM applicant that is recorded. The CCYM applicant can ask their pastor, youth pastor or another adult volunteer to interview them. Please provide the contact information of the person who will be conducting the interview that requested below. We will use this information to contact the interviewer and provide them with the interview questions.