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Put the puzzle pieces together at DakYouth 2018

Join us at DakYouth 2018. You'll make new friends and belly-laugh with the Skit Guys, who will be there LIVE. Come and be inspired by Andrew Root, Chris Hansen, Rev. Kris Mutzenberger, Rev. Dayne Zachrison, workshops, worship, and have lots of fun!

This year’s theme is Puzzle Pieces based on Romans 15:6. All youth, grades 6-12, are invited to help us put the puzzle pieces together, November 9-11 in Aberdeen, South Dakota.  It's all happening at the Aberdeen Recreation and Cultural Center (ARCC). Register here.

Are you wondering what other youth have experienced or are saying about DakYouth.  Here are some answers to some questions from three participants at 2017 Dak Youth:

Dakyouth 2018

What is Dak Youth like, what do you do there?

Jacob:  You learn about God. You go to small groups, eat out, ride the bus, and have fun! There are speakers that talk about God and do activities with you.

Kadyn:  We go to Aberdeen Recreation and Culture Center and learn about faith.

Ambrie:  It’s like this super cool concert but it’s Christian. It’s like a party but it’s Christian and super cool. You get to stay in this high school.

Why were some things that were highlights for you?

Jacob:  Being able to have this experience with other kids across the Dakotas, meet new friends and be with old friends.

Kadyn:  The people that were there made it fun.

Ambrie:  My highlight was that I was sick during it but, it was still fun. The bus was really fun!

What is one thing that has stuck with you or that you remember from your Dak Youth experience?

Jacob:  Singing the songs and the band.

Kadyn:  All the fun! Meeting new people.

Ambrie: I made a friend and she’s super-cool and likes the same things I like!

Why should people go to DakYouth?

Jacob:  It’s a good experience. It’s a great time! You get away from your parents for awhile. Good to get away.

Kadyn:  It’s a good experience for people.

Ambrie:  DakYouth is super fun, super-cool, and you might make new friends!  Even non-Christians would enjoy it!



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