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Camp Curriculum

2024 Summer Curriculum - Linked by Love 

Love comes from God, but how do we experience God's love?

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We know that love comes from God, and sometimes we experience it directly. More often, God’s love in manifest in relationships of all kinds that weave in and out of our lives. We see God’s love in close friends and family – those we are born into and those we chose along the way. We see God in quiet moments where we are present with each other and in acts of profound grace when we have been far apart. We hear God in

life guiding and life changing words of truth from those who know and love us. We know that such love links our lives, teaching us about commitment, intimacy, grace, and faith. As we seek to create and strengthen life
giving relationships, we remember that such love flows from God, links us all together, and we give thanks.

Daily Overview for Linked by Love

Day 1 - Linked in Love ​- Colossians 3:12-14

  • Be invited to think about themselves as beloved 
  • Explore God in the midst of loving relationships 
  • Be encouraged to build deeper connections within the camp community

Day 2 - Linked through Acceptance - Luke 10:38-42

  • Celebrate that everyone is welcome at camp
  • Be invited to set aside distractions and be present with each other 
  • Honor the different ways we create and respond to welcome 
  • Imagine the impact of inviting Jesus into their relationships

Day 3 - Linked and Present - Job 2:11-13

  • Acknowledge the power of presence in a friend’s time of need 
  • Learn that God is with us when we are with each other 
  • Come to know that each person’s emotional needs are unique

Day 4 - Linked by Grace - Luke 15:11-32

  • Be assured that God freely offers grace and love to everybody 
  • Learn that owning mistakes is the first step toward reconciliation 
  • Examine how forgiveness in action can be difficult 
  • Explore reconciliation as something to be celebrated     

Day 5 - Linked in Truth - Exodus 18:5-24

  • Explore how honest conversations deepen healthy relationships 
  • Ponder how receiving Spirit led truth helps us grow 
  • Discuss the challenges everyone faces when one tries to do it all 
  • Consider the benefits of relationships like Jethro and Moses in their own lives.

Day 6 - Linked to Change - Philemon 1:8-17

  • Explore how their own prejudices and biases impact their relationship
  • Reflect on how their strengths can be used to advocate (stand up) for others
  • Examine the way mending relationships can open us to unexplored possibilities 
  • Discuss how advocacy based on Christ’s love is powerful

Day 7 - Linked to Love - 1 John 4: 7-9; 19

  • Be reminded that love is from God and that God’s love is an example of how to love others 
  • Be sent to share God’s love in their relationships          

If you would like the current curriculum and resources, please contact the site where you will be volunteering!

Camper Safety is a Top Priority    


Camper health and safety and overall program quality are very important to us, and very important to parents. ACA is a rigorous accreditation process that helps us go above and beyond with our commitment to providing you with the best experience possible.

UMC Partnership

The Dakotas Camp and Retreat ministry is part of the ministry of the Dakotas Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. With two camps in South Dakota and one in North Dakota, we offer Christian hospitality and places apart where all individuals may experience God’s grace and love, and grow in discipleship. Close friendships and Christian community typically grow quickly at camp where lives are positively transformed.

In addition, we partner with local churches as we work together to continue to grow disciples and leaders that are making a difference in their schools, churches, and communities. Thank you for the prayers and support as we continue the journey of making disciples for Jesus Christ.


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