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Deans | Ambassadors | News

Deans | Ambassadors | News

Camp Deans

We are so excited to work alongside you for what promises to be another great summer at your camps!  Thank you so much for your gifts of time, commitment, leadership, and love with the children, youth and adults of the Dakotas and Minnesota UMC  Conferences.  There are a lot of exciting things happening in camp and retreat ministries and we're eager to share some highlights with you. 

Below are some new opportunities for you as a Camp Dean and also forms and helpful resources for a positive experience  at camp for you and the campers. 

2019 Summer Curriculumn

2019 Curriculum Peace Works Cover Pic

Peace is a prayer for some and a life’s work for others. It’s a blessing we share and a longing within each of our hearts. Scripture is filled with stories of peace and justice, and camp is the perfect place to share them. Peace isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth the effort; because we know that peace works! Peace Works, the newest summer camp curriculum resource from InsideOut, provides a fun, enriching, spiritual, and biblicallybased camp experience for campers of all ages. From Bible studies about the biblical call for justice and peacemaking, to learning about how other cultures name and express peace around the world, Peace Works will educate and empower campers to become peacemakers in their communities. Creative arts projects such as peace cranes and peace poles will help campers express their personal hopes for peace and connect them to larger movements for peace around the world.

If you would like the 2019 Peace Works curriculum and resources, please email the Central Camping office


Camp Forms 

Other Documents

Camp Ambassador

The Camp Ambassador Guide is your road map to everything you need to know!  Planning tips, a timeline guide, what to say, how to plan a Camp Sunday.

Camp Ambassador Guide 2019 Cover

The purpose of a Camp Ambassador (CA) is to share real-time camping and retreat information with children, youth and families in their local churches and communities, as well as other ways to become involved in this life-changing ministry!

Camp Ambassadors act as the spokesperson for UMC Area Camping within their church.  They are the conduit for information to flow between camp and local churches.  Ambassadors work closely with their pastor/s, Christian education staff, church families and Camp staff to help make sure families stay in-tune with camping opportunities throughout the year, primarily in the spring.  Camp Ambassadors work within their local churches to continue the tradition of sharing the mission and ministry of a UMC camping experience!

Our goal is to make it easy…even FUN to share this powerful opportunity, rich in tradition and rooted in faith, which is why we have put together these amazing tools for you to use to share camp!!

Camp Ambassadors are asked to:

  • Work with other church leaders to plan a Camp Sunday celebration—a day designed to provide multiple opportunities for people to hear about Dakotas Camping, including in worship
  • Work with church leaders to set a goal for camp participation and find ways to financially support campers
  • Promote Dakotas Camping through announcements, bulletins, and newsletters.
  • Discuss Dakotas Camping in Sunday School and with youth groups.
  • Answer questions and encourage people to register for camp!

The camping ambassador for your church does not do this alone.  The Dakotas Camping Staff is happy to work with your ambassador in helping inform your church and community of the camping opportunities in the Dakotas.  

Camp Sunday Worship Resources

  • Camp Brochures -  Please let the camping office know and we would be happy to send more!  If you would like to look at the catalog online click here - 2019 Camp Brochure
  • If you would like more camping posters to hang to promote Dakotas UM Camping you can email requests to
  • Worship Suggestions – including calls to worship, hymns, scriptures, prayers, and benedictions!  Use these ideas or change to make them fit your church! Thank you Rev. Paul Lint for writing the 2019 worship resources. 
    • Church Bulletin Cover (COMING SOON!)
    • Social media - promotional Camp Sunday image (COMING SOON!)
    • 2019 Camp Videos! (COMING SOON!)

Camp News

Rock that Doesn't Roll Camp Article: 2018 was another awesome year for your Dakotas Camps! Staff and volunteers worked tirelessly to ensure our campers experienced Christ, creation, and community in ways only time at camp can provide. (October 2018)

Camp Reaches People Handout: Reach! Event, Embrace Church, Sioux Falls, SD.  Dakotas-Minnesota Area camps REACH over 3100 campers annually at six locations. United Methodists and friends are REACHING camp: 48% of our Minnesota churches and 58% of our Dakotas churches sent at least one person to camp in 2018.  Many camps and events at Dakotas-Minnesota Area REACHED even more campers in 2018 with an increase over 2017. (October 2018