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2019 budget approved with a 4.4 % decrease


Members of the 2018 Annual Conference Session voted Saturday to approve a 2019 budget totaling $7,306,501, a decrease of 4.4% or $319,664. There is a 3.9% decrease in the apportioned budget and a 5.1% decrease in the cost to the churches for pension and insurance.  The 2019 budget proposal is an intentional effort to provide an affordable and aligned budget. 

There are a couple of reasons for the decrease. The primary one is underspending of the budget each year.  The 2019 budget proposal is more realistic to match with actual spending. When reviewing the specific budget areas, there are some substantial decreases from 2018. No programs are being cut. The amounts reflect expenses in 2017. 

The Conference Council on Finance and Administration (CCFA) recommended a reduction of apportionment from 16% to 15% in the future. The proposed modification is possible for several reasons. Camping is on target for becoming apportionment neutral. Bakken Oil Rush in Watford City is continuing to work toward the same goal, and other mission ministries are working to identify additional streams of revenue to support their mission. Numerous other smaller adjustments are being made to allow for a future reduction of the apportionment percentage. 

Look at the detailed 2019 budget in pages 5-11 of the Conference Workbook.


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