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Bishop Ough returns to the Dakotas-Minnesota Area

At the end of the consecration worship service Saturday morning, United Methodists in the North Central Jurisdiction learned where each of the jurisdiction’s nine bishops will be assigned for the next four years.

Photo: Four new bishops at the Service of Consecration on Saturday, July 16/ From left to right Bishop Tracy S. Malone, Bishop Frank J. Beard, Bishop David A. Bard, Bishop Laurie Haller. Photo by NCJ commmunicators.

While Bishop Ough has been reassigned to the Dakotas-Minnesota Area through 2020, newly minted Bishop David Bard will be heading to Michigan in August.

“Char and I are delighted to be re-assigned to the Dakotas-Minnesota Area,” said Ough. “We have accomplished much in the last four years together. The list is too long to recite. The faithfulness, courage to innovate, and generosity of United Methodists in Minnesota and the Dakotas has clearly set us on a path to vitality in our witness and missional impact. Everywhere I am privileged to travel in the area, I see God working through you and your churches to change lives and bring hope to our communities and the world.”

The North Central Jurisdiction’s Episcopacy Committee is responsible for assigning bishops—a process that begins immediately after all bishops are elected. The committee includes two people from each annual conference, and members concluded their work at about 8 p.m. Friday.

Here’s a look at where each bishop will be assigned for the next four years:

Dakotas Minnesota – Bishop Bruce R. Ough
East Ohio – Bishop Tracy S. Malone
Illinois Great Rivers – Bishop Frank J. Beard
Indiana – Bishop Julius Trimble
Iowa – Bishop Laurie Haller
Michigan – Bishop David A. Bard
Northern Illinois – Bishop Sally Dyck
West Ohio – Bishop Gregory Palmer
Wisconsin – Bishop Hee Soo Jung


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