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Dakotas Conference contributions to 2018 General Church Apportionments

By: GCFA press release

Funds Infographic

Infographic from GCFA.

The Dakotas Conference was able to pay 100% of 2018 apportioned request the Africa University, Episcopal, World Service, and North Central Jurisdiction funds to the General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA).  

The general church requests funds for seven areas:

· The Africa University Fund - established by the General Conference in 1972 to support education efforts on the continent of Africa with global reach because of the work of graduates, instructors and support. 

· The Black College Fund - Supports 11 historically black colleges and universities developing leaders for the church and community.  

· The Episcopal Fund - supports active and retired bishops and their and their episcopal leadership for the denomination.  

· The General Administration Fund - supports administrative, collaborative processes throughout the denomination. 

· The Interdenominational Cooperation Fund - aids the Church in being in ecumenical relationship with other faiths.

· The Ministerial Education Fund - prepares principled Christian leaders for work throughout the connection of United Methodists. 

· The World Service Fund - Supports the great diversity of Christian mission throughout the denomination. 

The Dakotas paid a total of 88% of total apportioned request, across the seven general funds.

GCFA announce that twenty-six jurisdictional annual conferences and eight central conference episcopal areas paid 100% of the general Church apportionment in 2018. GCFA also recognizes that giving to the Africa University Fund still remains a high priority for United Methodists with a 93% collection rate—the highest among the seven general Church apportioned funds. Thirty-five of the fifty-six jurisdictional annual conferences paid more in 2018 compared to 2017.

Moses Kumar, chief executive of GCFA, said, “The general Church apportionments are our message that the United Methodist connectional system is a viable way to be in ministry around the world. We praise God for the faithfulness of this commitment.  For the past seven years – since 2012 – we’ve been at or over a 90% collection rate. I want to thank the people of the United Methodist connection who have faithfully and continually supported the global ministries of the denomination through generous giving.” Read the full story here.  Read the full story here.