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Prayer for Tuesday, September 7

By: Jennifer Larsen, Dakotas Strategy Team

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Photo illustration by David Stucke, Dakotas Conference Communications.

Holy God –

We walk through this time uncertain of the future of The United Methodist Church and uncertain of our place in it. 
We are heartbroken by the thought that the church we love so dearly is breaking apart.  In the midst of our questions, fear and anxiety, we pray that you fill us with your peace. 
Remind us that, no matter what happens in the church, you will never change.  Your love for us will never change.  The sacrifice you made for us will never change. 
We worship you, Mighty God! 

Help us to love our neighbor as you have taught us, Lord. 
Give us the strength to show others your holy love, even to those who have different ideas than us. 
Humble our hearts and let us hear the perspectives and stories of others, and guide us to discern your will. 
Send your Holy Spirit to lead us through these changing times, so that we may experience the transformation and renewal that you are creating for us. 
Give us the faith to be patient while we wait for the future that is not yet revealed to us.  We commit ourselves to you and to loving our neighbors. 

We pray this in your holy name, Jesus.  Amen.


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