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Shoebox Christmas gift ideas and instructions

By: Pam Whaley, Grand Forks, North Dakota

Shoebox Christmas 5

Photos by Kent Taylor.

Believe it or not Shoebox Christmas is just around the corner! Summer sales would be a great time to begin to purchase items and put together some Shoebox Christmas gifts. Take a look at the list of suggested items and how to package the gift. 

Download and print a copy of these ideas here

General Tips for shopping for Shoebox Christmas Gifts

  • Generally, boys and teens have the fewest boxes. Please keep this in mind when you are shopping. 
  • This may be the only present some of these children receive. Please do not include hygiene products other than toothbrushes and toothpaste in this offering. 
  • Toys must be newand in the original packaging.
  • Toys must be age appropriate.
  • If you complete a box, please tape the post cardto the top marked boy or girl and what age group the box is for. Close the box with the large rubber band.Please do not seal the boxes with tape. All boxes are checked prior to distribution. 

Two Ways to Participate in this Year’s Shoebox Christmas

  1. Complete a box. Bring your own completed shoebox, marked with the card.
  2. Monetary gifts are welcome. These donations allow us to shop for items needed to “fill in “partial boxes or purchase items for a particular age-range.

Gift ideas

    • Infant toys– teething rings, infant soap and lotion, baby wash
    • Toddler Toys– blocks, textured books, hard books, building toys
    • 9-12 toys– puzzles, Legos, jewelry, small games, small action figures
    • 13 and up toys– electronic games (please include batteries!), jewelry, makeup, card games, puzzles, journals, markers, 
    • Hats and mittens – These are given to each recipient of a shoebox. 
    • Other toys and fun items that your children and grandchildren would enjoy. 


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