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Camp Volunteer Dean/Leader Agreement

Camp Volunteer Dean/Leader Agreement

As a Volunteer Dean/Leader with Dakotas-Minnesota United Methodist Camps, I agree with the following:

1. I agree with the camping ministrys Risk Management Practices that follow and will ensure:

  • All deans/leaders/shepherds/counselors/volunteers must register ONLINE for the event and complete all required ONLINE forms including:
    • Volunteer Application
    • Social Media and Communications Guidelines (included in Volunteer Application)
    • Child Abuse and Neglect Policy Statement and Appendix (Included in Volunteer Application)(Family Camp, Grandparent Camp, and adult-ONLY camp deans and volunteers are exempt from this requirement.)
    • Dakotas-Minnesota Area Release of Liability Waiver
    • Dakotas-Minnesota Area ADULT Camper Medical Information
  • Background checks for all volunteer leaders age 18+ must be completed annually and prior to beginning of the event. (Family Camp, Grandparent Camp, and adult-ONLY camp deans and volunteers are exempt from this requirement.) The link to complete the background check is located in the Forms section of the ONLINE registration system within the Volunteer Application.
  • I understand it is required that I watch all designated training videos and complete tests through Expert Online Training prior to my arrival at the event. Access to Expert Online Training will be provided via email through the central camping office.(Family Camp, Grandparent Camp, and adult-ONLY camp deans and volunteers are exempt from this requirement.)
  • I will provide a welcome letter to the central camping office no later than January 1, even if my event does not happen until later in the year. I understand this letter can be updated at any time. The welcome letter will be provided to all event registrants and should include:
    • Title, date, and location of event
    • Check in and check out times
    • A special welcome from you as the dean/leader (optional)
    • List of any specialized information/items attendees should bring/be aware of
    • Directions to the event if it is located off-site of our area camps
  • In order to be certain there are enough adults to fulfill the required adult:camper ratio, I will submit a list of all adult volunteers/counselors who will be assisting me in leading my camp to the camp site director as soon as possible, and no later than 2 weeks before camp starts.
  • I and my volunteers/counselors will plan to arrive at camp at least two meals before my camp starts in order to allow enough time prior to campers arrival for a camp safe sanctuaries session and safety orientation led by the site director or designated staff member. All volunteer leaders for my event will receive training prior to the arrival of campers.
  • I will follow all rules and policies of the campsite or off-site location
  • During my event, I will inform the site director immediately of all incidents/accidents, camper/staff challenges and issues, schedule changes or program shifts, and any disciplinary steps taken or needed. Site Director and volunteer leader(s) will decide together when communication with families or outside sources is required
  • I understand my event will be evaluated for:
    • Quality
    • Effectiveness in achieving the ministry goals and outcomes
    • Financial viability and sustainability

2. I agree with the camping ministrys Financial Practices/Policies that follow and will ensure:

  • Camper registrations and fees are collected through Area camping registration system only
  • All expenses must be documented and will be reimbursed (voucher form required)
    • Program subsidy per camper varies, please contact site director with questions
  • All events must be self-sustaining (balanced budget)
  • Rates for all events are set in conjunction with camping leadership

3. I agree with what it means to be branded a United Methodist Camping Event and will ensure:

  • I and my volunteer leaders will demonstrate how the event is fulfilling the desired mission, core values, and outcomes of the Dakotas Minnesota Camp and Retreat Ministry:
    • Mission: Inviting campers and guests to experience Christ, Creation, and Community through camp and retreat ministries
    • Core Values: We do this as we (7 foundations of UMC camp and retreat ministries established by UMCRM):
      • Provide Sacred Places Apart
      • Nurture Christian Faith and Discipleship
      • Teach Creation Care and Appreciation
      • Partner with United Methodist Churches & Agencies
      • Extend Christian Hospitality and Community
      • Develop Principled Spiritual Leaders
      • Inspire and Equip Lives for Love and Justice
    • Outcomes: Disciples and leaders, who hear and respond to Gods call to:
      • Share Faith
      • Love and Accept Everyone
      • Serve Others
      • Trust God
  • I, and my volunteer leaders, will embody open hearts experiencing the grace of God in a real and tangible way
  • I, and my volunteer leaders, will embody open minds allow for questions, dialogue and diverse opinions
  • I, and my volunteer leaders, will embody open doors everyone is welcome, included, respected and accepted as a beloved child of God
  • I will use the designated and provided Summer Camp curriculum or comparable curriculum (with prior approval of site director) in the course of my event

As a ministry of the Dakotas and Minnesota Annual Conferences of the United Methodist Church, the Camp and Retreat Ministry team agrees to provide the following for all camping events:

  • Promotion in camping marketing materials and online locations
  • Online registration and management of registrations/reports through the central camping office
  • Real time registration information/camper information availability
  • Annual Conference insurance coverage
  • Perform and fund any/all background checks for adult leaders
  • Access to summer camp curriculum materials
  • Access to pre-camp training materials
  • Access to conference campership/scholarship funds
  • Involvement in the Camps Without Barriers Ministry and ability to use Integration Specialists (Camp Minnesota only)
  • Program and planning assistance, help with staff training, and support by conference and site staff

Thank you for your submitting your volunteer dean/leader agreement and for being a part of the Christian camping ministry of the Dakotas Conference of The United Methodist Church. We look forward to seeing you this summer at camp for a life-changing and faith-shaping experience!

God's Blessings,
Dakotas UM Camping Staff
(toll free) Phone: 855-622-1973


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