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S/PPRC Evaluation

S/PPRC Evaluation


1.2Person completing the form:Please let us know your contact information so that we can contact you if there are any questions. Thank you!

2. MEASURABLE METRICS:Please provide feedback on the following areas based on your Vital Signs metrics:

3. PERFORMANCE RATING:Assign the performance level which most closely matches one of the descriptions below.

4 = Exceeds Expectations:
Results and ministry related behaviors have consistently exceeded expectations in most areas of responsibility. Clergy at this level are fully qualified in all aspects of the ministry and have demonstrated ability to achieve results and make contributions significantly above what would be expected of most Clergy performing similar work.
3 = Fully Satisfactory:
Results and ministry-related behaviors have consistently met expectations in all major areas of responsibility. Clergy at this level accomplish all basic position requirements. Key assignments are adequately fulfilled and the general level of performance meets expectations. May occasionally exceed expectations in some areas.

2 = Needs Improvement:
Results and ministry-related behaviors have not fully met expectations in some areas of responsibility. Clergy at this level fulfill most basic position requirements, but there is room for improvement. Clergy has capacity to reach fully satisfactory performance, or better, with reasonable effort. This level may be acceptable for clergy in a new position if normal progress is being made in acquiring full ministry knowledge and skills.
1 = Unsatisfactory:
Results and ministry-related behaviors consistently have not met expectations in most areas of responsibility. Clergy at this level demonstrate unacceptable performance and a written plan for improvement must be made. Potential for improvement must be evident within a stated period or an exiting process with the Clergy will be initiated.

Clergy Effectiveness Document:created by the Dakotas Annual Conference (adopted by the Board of Ordained Ministry, October 2014)

These behaviors are those outlined in the Dakotas Annual Conference Clergy Effectiveness Document. They are the key behaviors in effective clergy. For more details see the Clergy Effectiveness document HERE. The letter and number corresponds to the letter and number defining the traits in the Clergy Effectiveness document.

3.1 Effective clergy personify the following:

3.2 Effective clergy practice the following:

3.3 Effective clergy produce the following:


--> Note: Information to complete and submit - Stay/Move forms will be sent in the fall to be submitted by Dec. 1.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration. We appreciate all you do for our clergy!

The Appointive Cabinet of the United Methodist Church


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