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5 ways to use Fireside Chats

By: Doreen Gosmire, director of communications, Dakotas UMC

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Fireside chats are a time for conversation, reflection, and connection with leaders across the Dakotas Conference. We introduced the concept a while back. Listen to the introductory episode

Enjoy the conversations led by Bishop Lanette Plambeck and members of the Dakotas Conference Cabinet as they discuss how we live out our Wesleyan faith as United Methodists. The first series of Fireside Chats: Our Wesleyan Way, will include multiple episodes covering three simple rules, grace, discipleship, and the Holy Spirit in our lives. View all of the published and upcoming espisodes

What can you expect? A new episode will be released every Friday on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In addition, you can access all the episodes on the Dakotas Conference website and Vimeo channel.  You can also access an audio file of each episode. 

Each episode will be linked to resources, discussion questions, and study guides, so that you can dig deeper into the topic. 

Here are five ways you might consider using video blogs (vlog—a blog that is a video):

  1. Small group study: Gather a group in your congregation to watch and listen to the vlog. Use the resources and discussion questions to spur your thoughts and conversations. 
  2. Repost the vlog on your social media account with a question or two for engagement. Invite people to share their thoughts and ideas by responding to your post. You could even host a Facebook Live session.
  3. Create an opportunity for spiritual growth and formation. Use the vlogs for learning and information with youth, new members, discipleship groups, or your leadership team. 
  4. Incorporate the vlogs into worship as an alternative message or sermon or add a focused time about Our Wesleyan Way during or after worship.
  5. Dig deeper into your own understanding and faith. You could listen to the audio file as you drive and access the resources as you can to learn more.

    Take this opportunity to journey with us and invite others to be Christ followers in the Wesleyan Way. 


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