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Blessings Repeated offers a helping hand

By: Dave Stucke, communications associate, and Doreen Gosmire, director of communications, Dakotas UMC

What started as an idea with a few ladies who attended Bible study together at the United Methodist Church in Plankinton, South Dakota, has grown into a non-profit community agency. Blessings Repeated in Plankinton, a town of 700 people, offers clothing and household items to people in the community at a nominal price.

The United Methodist Church in Plankinton has been instrumental in making the boutique-style thrift store a success. “We had this crazy idea that we could buy this building and make it happen,” says Elaine Titze, a member of the Bible study and Plankinton UMC. Titze and other members of the congregation have been faithful leaders to the idea that a thrift store can be a quality shopping experience for everyone.

The store is open a few days a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. “From the idea, until today, God continually provides what is needed,” says Keara Hohn, one of the organizers who helps with displays and marketing. 

Blessings Repeated serves everyone, even if they cannot pay. Here is an example from a recent Facebook post:

Yesterday we had the opportunity to help someone in need. Roberta happened to be outside as a man was walking through town. She has a small conversation with him and found out he was down on his luck and was walking from Sioux Falls to Rapid City. She called to see if I would come with her to Blessings Repeated to help get him some items for his journey. I just happened to be standing in the backroom of Blessings Repeated packing backpacks with Tara and some Navigant staff. (God Moment!) Roberta brought Jonathan over, and we found him some shoes and filled a backpack with food and toiletries for his journey. It brought tears to his eyes. He was so thankful for our kindness. Keara and Roberta were also able to pray with him before he left. So, I tell you all this to say THANK YOU! Thank you for your donations, shopping, and supporting Blessings Repeated. Because of your support, we can show others, Jesus, every day. 


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