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Breakthrough ministry grant empowers Piedmont Grace UMC to reach families

By: Doreen Gosmire, director of communications, Dakotas UMC

Piedmont Afterschool 1

Piedmont Grace UMC has been praying about a way to reach out to the community, especially the young families.  “We have a fantastic space to work with in our own church facility, and we have persons in our church who are able to assist,” said Rev. Karl Kroger, Piedmont Grace UMC.

Through prayerful discussion of additional ways to reach out to young families and meet community needs, Piedmont Grace UMC has launched a new after-school program. The program happens once a week on Tuesdays and is led by Michelle Kroger and other volunteers from the congregation.

“Beyond connecting with parents and children, and seeking to be a blessing to our neighbors, our aim is to provide a safe and fun environment for 30-40 children to learn, play and connect with Jesus. We believe our after-school program will also serve as a launch pad for discipleship--enabling next steps such as participation in worship, church camp, and youth group,” said Pastor Karl.

The church partnered with the school bus company and the local elementary school to provide transportation for the children. Kids hop on the bus after school and go directly to the church. 

Here is what some of the volunteers and church members are saying about the program:

Our after school program has been an enriching experience for children and adults! 

We are so thankful to God for the children 
who have been entrusted to us and for the 
friends and family of Grace serving in our 
new after school program!

After much dreaming, praying, 
and planning, our church 
launched an after school 
program. Thank you Jesus!

Apply for funding to start a church-school partnership at your church. Third quarter Breakthrough Ministry Grant applications are due October 31.  Instructions and the online application are available here


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