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Clergy Well-Being Grant

Clergy Well-Being Grant

We are excited to offer the opportunity for eligible clergy to improve their well-being through the 2023 Clergy Well-Being Grant. Available funds will provide up to 75 grants and up to $1500 per grant for eligible clergy across the Dakotas and Minnesota Annual Conferences. Please be thoughtful about the amount of your request with the knowledge that grant funds are finite.


Any clergy appointed, or lay pastor assigned, as a pastor to a local church or extension ministry actively serving in the Dakotas or Minnesota Annual Conferences.

Program Descriptions and Process

First, determine if this is emergency support or well-being support.

Emergency support financial resources are intended to meet immediate clergy needs in an emergency related to housing, food, transportation, and medical expenses that would otherwise impact the ability of clergy to carry out their ministry.

Well-being financial resources are intended for those seeking to improve their well-being and needing financial support to obtain a counselor, coach, program, experience, or another resource.

Emergency Support

Financial emergency support is provided up to $5,000. Subsequent requests are reviewed.

There is no written application requirement. The requirement to issue a *1099 is under review by outside counsel. An update will be provided.

Examples of emergency situations that would likely qualify for financial support could include:

  • Urgent medical crisis for self or immediate family where a down payment is required.
  • Sudden death of spouse or immediate family where funds for a funeral and related services were needed.
  • Vehicle breakdown or basement flooding where repairs require an immediate down payment before insurance provides coverage, if any.

A simple process

  • You do not need to fill out this form for emergency support.
  • Contact your district superintendent or the Area Director of Clergy Well-Being Diane Owen at 507-244-0311 or diane.owen@dkmnareaumc.orgwith the emergency request for financial support. A brief conversation will allow for evaluation and decission on the amount and the method of providing financial support.
  • Select an option for payment
    • Direct reimbursement to the pastor.
    • Payment to the credit card company, if used.
    • Payment to the provider.

Well-Being Resource Support
Financial support is provided up to $1,500 for the pastor. Subsequent requests may be granted annually if funds are available. If the request is for an immediate family member, up to $1,000 may be provided. If health insurance covers part of the request, the grant may be used for any co-pays. A 1099* will be issued for any funding over $600.

Examples of well-being resource support could include but are not limited to:

  • Health coach, personal trainer, or nutritionist.
  • Spiritual director, mental health counselor.
  • Gym membership.
  • Creative arts experience: painting, dance lessons, etc.
  • Retreat center for time away experience.
  • Childcare to provide time away for well-being experience.
  • Course in resilience, trauma.
  • Hiking boots

A simple process:

  • Fill out this form.
  • Describe the resource or experience and requested funding.
  • Can insurance cover any part of the resource? If so, how much?
  • How will this experience improve your overall well-being?
  • When will you implement your well-being plan?
  • Select an option for payment:
    • Direct reimbursement to you when receipt is provided.
    • Payment to the provider when invoice is provided.
    • Part of Higher Ground; no payment required

*According to the IRS, a 1099 must be issued for grants that provide services not required by your employer. The grant is considered part of your income for purposes of determining your tax liability unless participating in Higher Ground.

Contact Info

If you have a receipt or invoice, you may attach it here.
Or email Diane Owen diane.owen@dkmnareaumc.orgto provide the receipt or invoice later.


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