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Children's and Youth Ministry Cohort Training

Location: Lake Poinsett Camp and Retreat Center
Date: March 17, 2018

Churches are invited to participate in the third of four large group trainings March 17, 2018  from 9:00 am-3:30 pm CDT. The training will be conducted by Steph Caro, Ministry Architects. Topics for this training include: creating a Christian formation path; celebrations, milestones, ages and stages; and healthy vs. unnhealthy ministries.

For churches who are part of the youth ministry cohort, the Conference is covering the cost up to four people to attend the event. This includes  one night’s stay at Lake Poinsett, mileage will be covered over 300 miles round trip (150 miles each way). We encourage all to be good stewards of resources by carpooling and sharing room(s) when appropriate.

If you have more than four people that would like to attend, they are more than welcome, just note that any additional costs will be covered by the church.

All churches are welcomed and invited to attend, cost of the registration is $20 (includes lunch). Reading material will be available for purchase during the event for $20 (book bundle) travel and lodging will be covered by church or individual attending the event.

For meal planning and lodging arrangements please register HERE