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Scripture Circle Facilitators Cohort

Location: Zoom
Date: July 16, 2024
People Bible

Become the facilator for Scripture Circles. This cohort is designed for you if you lead groups or have a group you are wanting to lead in discussion. Learn how to help the people in a study unpack the Hebrew concepts for themselves, help people get to their own "aha" moments, build excitement for the sacred text, and increase engagement. 

The six-week Scripture Circle Facilitator training will be on June 11, 18, 25 and July 16, 23, 30, at 10:30-12 p.m. CDT. The purpose of this cohort is to better equip you to lead a group in a scripture circle style.  To maximize the learning and experience, have a group of 6 to 15 people, ready to study with you in your real world that you can practice on. This cohort is going to be capped at 11 people. 

We will be discussing a passage or two and it will be chosen.  We will explore the following questions and other questions you may have: How do we create a safe place for authenticity? How do we get and keep people engaged in the discussion? What questions help them unlock the concepts for themselves so it becomes theirs? How do you handle someone who derails the conversations or tries to take over? How do you truly honor every voice in the conversations and maybe not agree? How do we balance relationships and content? 

To be a facilitator you will need:

  • to have been in 10 or more studies yourself.
  • to have a group that is willing to let you practice, while you learn, in your own context outside of this group.  It can be an on going group or different groups.
  • to be able to share how the facilitation is going with your group (participants private stories and such of course are not shared).
  • to be able to commit to all 6 sessions, last 3 weeks in June and last 3 weeks in July. (This will move quickly and will be frustrating for you if you can't make them all). We will record each session if there is an emergency.

These are the questions you will find the answers to throughout the cohort training:

  • How do you hear what the Spirit is already doing in the group?
  • What are some great possible questions to open up the discussion?
  • What are the possible directions the discussion could go?
  • How do you handle when the discussion goes sideways or someone tries to take over?
  • Those are some of the questions we will discuss and many more.

This  training will not address these questions. How do you find new people to study with you? How do you do this as a career? These questions can be answered in the the next level  of training—one-on-one coaching or at a later cohort when enough people are at that level.

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