SD Medicaid Expansion

Tools and resources for South Dakota pastors and churches for consideration of Medicaid expansion

Pastoral Letter on Medicaid Expansion in South Dakota

Churches are urged to consider this option for our state. Pastors who want to add their names can email to


Fact sheet "What are their Options?"

This is a data sheet on numbers of South Dakotans in the current "coverage gap."


Bible study #1, Matthew 25:37-40, "Gettin’ Our Sheep On"

Find the answer to the age old question, Why did the sheep cross the road? while considering our calling as sheep, rather than goats.

Example sermon related to Bible study #1, Matthew 25, "The Sheep Sermon"

Why would Jesus chose ‘sheep and goats’ as the central animals in this parable? Why not ‘serpents and doves’ or ‘wolves and lambs’?

Photo of sheep and goats, related to Bible study #1, Matthew 25:37-40

The difference is not always obvious - a photo from Cameroon, W.Africa, by Cathy Larson.


Bible study #2, Luke 10:25-37, The Good Samaritan

If the Samaritan had not helped the traveler, it is unlikely someone else would have. ...What is the Biblical imperative to help… anyone?


Bible study #3,  Amos 5:24, Let Justice Roll Down like Living Waters

From Amos to modern pre-schoolers, can't some level of fairness be expected?


Bible study #4, Mark 2 or Luke 5, The Sick Man and His 4 Friends

Some people knew where healthcare could be found and were determined to get their sick friend there.


Case studies for each of these 4 Bible studies

Examples of real South Dakotans in tough situations without health insurance.


Faith Action Ideas

Info on how to contact decision makers; Action ideas for applying our faith story as we serve neighbors in need today.