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Passover Retreat

Date: April 22 - Apr 24, 2024

This event will be an extended scripture circle/rabbinical study over the course of a couple of days. This is also a time to turn aside from the busy, delight in our Creator, the scripture, and each other.

Passover starts Monday, April 22 in the evening and so we will be on a journey to and through Passover as we explore together the many treasures hidden in the text. There will be discussions Monday evening, Tuesday morning and afternoon and Tuesday evening will have nods to a Passover Seder. Then a wrap up Wednesday morning. Times of quiet, enjoying the nature, and reflection will be imbedded in the schedule.

Join us on April 22-24 Retreat at Lake Poinsett Camp.  It's a scripture circle retreat with a nod to Passover, for a number of reasons.  Passover is the second event listed in the sacred calendar and is designed to be experienced in community.  There are a few specifics in Lev 23, like do no "regular work", eat together unleavened bread, and offerings by fire. We will have "nods" to those things.  This will not be a traditional Jewish Passover.  The topics and passages that we choose to discuss will be chosen like we normally do, listening for the Spirit in everyone's thoughts, and then voting. 

Costs start at $200-260 depending on your room arrangements choices.
Use the COUPON code MNPASTOR or DKPASTOR to obtain a $100 discount offered by our annual conference’s clergy well-being initiative.

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