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71 homes need to be rebuilt in Minot

71 homes need to be rebuilt in Minot

 A major flood in July 2011 caused damage and destruction to over 10,000 homes in Minot, North Dakota.  The process of rebuilding continues with 71 homes still needing to be rebuilt. 

Hope Village to close

Hope Village, an ecumenical effort, was established in 2012 to house and feed volunteers that came to Minot for the rebuilding process.  The process of planning a strategic drawdown for Hope Village will be completed by October 31, 2013.  This is happening due to the lack of skilled volunteers and funds to maintain the facilities at Hope Village. 

71 homes left

There are still 71 homes yet to be rebuilt in Minot, North Dakota.  Volunteers and materials are needed to complete the rebuild of these 71 homes.  Churches in the Minot area are willing to house volunteers to get the jobs completed. 

Lee Gale, Dakotas Conference Disaster Relief Coordinator for North Dakota noted,  “We are committed to not leaving Minot while work is still needed.  I am asking for skilled volunteers in this last effort before winter sets in.”

Bob Lower, Associate Disaster Relief Coordinator for the Minot is the contact for volunteers who can help rebuild these 71 homes. Contact Bob by e-mail at or phone 701-721-0441.  

Methodists are still there

The materials warehouse and tool crib will remain open and staffed.  There is enough material to rebuild the remaining homes. The United Methodists through the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) funding is providing funds for continued operation of the materials warehouse and offices.  UMCOR funding allows rebuild work to continue until the last house is done.

The United Methodists have provided leadership and implementation of case management for over 4, 000 cases.  Rev. Debra Ball-Killbourne, Minot Faith United Methodist Church, has led the way with over 100 volunteer case mangers.  “We hope to complete case management by October,” stated Ball-Killbourne.

Please consider coming to Minot this fall to help rebuild the last 71 homes in Minot, North Dakota.



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