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Celebrating the ministry of Bishop Ough

By: Dakotas-Minnesota Communication Team

Bishop Bruce R. Ough has served the Dakotas-Minnesota Area of The United Methodist Church for the past eight years. On January 1, 2021, he will retire, but serve in retirement as the Executive Director of the Council of Bishops. Bishop Laurie Haller will serve as the interim, non-resident bishop for the Dakotas. Read more here.


View the story of Bishop Bruce R. Ough's life in ministry as told through the pen pal letters from Stella, through the two chairs of the Episcopacy committees, and a few other sources. We have grown through a deep and wonderful eight-plus years of his, and Char's, leadership. Congratulations, Bishop Ough, on your retirement.

How shall we celebrate 45 years of excellent leadership? Bishop Ough has always been passionate about developing leaders for the Church. We can join the Oughs in their passion to develop leaders. There are two ways you can give to honor the Oughs. Access the details here.

The blooper reel

A smattering of individuals express their thanks and admiration for Bishop Ough, including a fun story from Rev. Bill Bates and some footage from the cutting room floor that "accidentally" slipped in at the end. Thank you, Char and Bishop Ough, for your years of service in ministry to us and our Lord in this Dakotas Conference, from 2012-2020.


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