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Historical Society posts Dakotas Christian symbols on facebook

Submitted by Rev. Stephen Perry. Photos from DakotasMethodistSymbols facebook page.

A new Facebook page has opened for photos and discussions of Christian symbols in Dakotas United Methodist churches.

It is called “Dakotas United Methodist Churches: Symbols & Histories,” and can be reached within Facebook at “DakotasMethodistSymbols” or over the Web at this link:

Dakotas United Methodists can now share photos and thoughts about stained glass, crosses, Christmas decorations, banners, church buildings, and anything else in our congregations that reminds us of our history and the Christian life. A lot of technical work by Laurie Langland, Conference archivist, and the cooperation and advice of Duane Coates, chair of the Conference Archives & History Commission, on ideas originally proposed by the Dakotas United Methodist Historical Society have brought this about.

Stephen Perry, President of the Historical Society, is asking everyone to promote the Facebook page by doing any or all of the following things:

- Visit the page and express your own likes and comments about what is currently there.

- Post something from your own or another Dakotas UM congregation.

- Ask your Facebook friends to friend and follow this page.

- If you're not on Facebook, please tell someone who is.

- Ask your pastor or church secretary to include information about the page in the next church newsletter or link to it on your church's website.

- If your congregation has a local church historian, make sure that person knows that we're looking for posts.

With Christmas coming soon, now is a good time to share photos of how Dakotas United Methodists celebrate the birth of Jesus.