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Leading From the Heart: Shiver Me Timbers!

By: Bishop Laurie Haller, interim bishop of the Dakotas Conference

Church Of The Holy Sepulchre

Church of the Holy Sepulchre on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Photo by Bishop Laurie Haller.

For some reason, the phrase “Shiver Me Timbers!” came to mind on the last day of our pilgrimage to Israel. Our group from Iowa and the Dakotas was spending the day outside on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, and the weather was raw.  The freezing rain was steady, and many of us had umbrellas, which we shared with others. I confess that, despite dressing in layers, I was shivering, not just from the cold, but from the sense that the presence of the Holy Spirit was in this place.

On the last day before returning home, we ended our pilgrimage by gathering in a small building near the Garden Tomb for a worship service and holy communion. Even as I was preaching, I was still shivering, my teeth were literally chattering, and my body could not quiet itself because I was so cold.

Shiver me timbers! In a few weeks, on March 2, we will begin our annual Lenten journey toward Easter. In anticipation, God is calling you and me to make a commitment to live out our faith and make a difference in our world by “practicing” resurrection in our daily life. And how do we practice resurrection?  
By welcoming and walking beside all kinds of people traveling the way of spiritual formation.

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