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Shopping for prom at Tree of Life Ministry Center

By: Content and photos by Rev. Linda Baldock

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Everything is ready for shoppers to come through to get ready for prom at Todd County High School in Mission, South Dakota. Photos by Linda Baldock.

As prom season is upon us, please consider saving your prom dress, shirts, pants and shoes, and sending them to Tree of Life Ministry Center in Mission, South Dakota. One of the Tree of Life board members said, “I was so glad to get rid of the ten prom dresses hanging in my daughters’ closets!”

College students from Springfield, Missouri spent their spring break at Tree of Life Ministries in Mission, South Dakota making prom a little more special. The group showed up with a load of beautiful prom dresses. Mission is home to Todd County High School, enrollment 400, where prom is one of the major events.

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Getting some pointers while shopping for prom.

The college students spent the week helping students from Todd County High School, where 98 % of the students are Native American, get ready for a memory-making prom. Sonny coordinates the Thrift Shop at Tree of Life, and Shakira the Warm Welcome at Tree of Life.  The two had been collecting dressy shoes, jewelry, makeup, nail polish, etc. for girls who are going to prom. The donations from the college group added to the mix.

Last year some of the guys showed up for prom wearing t-shirts and jeans. This year, Tree of Life collected dress shirts, pants and shoes for the guys. Looking sharp to escort their dates is important for the guys. The chance to shop for dress clothes for prom is a rare opportunity for several students who attend prom on the Rosebud Reservation.

More than 50 young people showed up at Todd County High School prom clothing giveaway. Linda Garriot, director of Tree of Life Ministries, and several volunteers, make alterations for prom attire to make sure everything fits perfectly.  Two more prom shopping events will be happening, one for White River High school and St. Francis Indian School in St. Francis.

Ongoing needs at Tree of Life are disposable diapers, paper products, hygiene products, shoes and children’s clothing. One idea is to send gift cards or order items online and have them shipped directly to Tree of Life. Direct shipping from suppliers to Tree of Life saves money. For example, sending a case of toilet paper from a major box store costs far less than purchasing it and then mailing it to Tree of Life. Donations delivered to Tree of Life are welcome.

There are many folks on the Rosebud and other reservations within the borders of the Dakotas Conference who are in transition or homeless. These people are not able to carry around large sized containers of shampoo, etc.  Please collect sample or travel sized soaps, shampoos, conditioners, etc.  Any shelter or reservation ministry will be happy to give them out to people who truly are in need of the products.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support for Tree of Life Ministries.


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