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The Sanctuary: Imago Dei Retreat: An invitation from Rev. Matt Richards

In 1 Tim. 4:12 we see the apostle Paul writing to his colleague that he should not let anyone despise his youth (age) but that he should be an example to the believers in speech and conduct in love, in faith and in purity. It sounds to me that Paul is encouraging Timothy to live out the image of God that he carries within himself. Well the youth leadership on CCYM expressed a need at last year’s winter meeting to have a retreat that would address concerns regarding image, self-confidence, real identity issues regarding how we live our lives as Christians in the world today.

The Sanctuary: Imago Dei retreat is the response to that request and we have two events.

Option 1: South Dakota- Is at Storm Mountain Center Oct. 11-13, and will be led by Jeff Lathrop and Janice Antrim, along with the Homeward Bound Theater Troupe and The Justin Graves Band.

Option 2: North Dakota- Is at Wesley Acres Camp Oct. 17-19, and will be led by Matt Richards and Janice Antrim, Homeward Bound Theater Troupe and The Justin Graves Band.

Youth will have a chance to learn more about their identity as an image of God in the world and what it means to live that out with confidence. There will be time for youth to learn through small group discussion, peer leadership, drama presentations and engaged speakers. And of course we will have time for Worship as well as relaxation and option time. It will be a time when youth can pause, collect their thoughts engage their spirits and learn about the image of God in all of us.

We will be using Biblical principles, current and timely resources and United Methodist Social Principles as we learn together what it means to be the Image of God in the world today. We invite you to bring your youth to these events and experience a time of Sanctuary.

I truly hope you will join us!

Rev. Matt Richards


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