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Train now to respond to potential spring floods

Our friends and neighbors in North Dakota and northern South Dakota have had a few days of sun and melting temperatures recently but the snow pack still lies deep.  With our calendars now reading “April” the potential for flooding increases each day with the possibility of a rapid melt. The flooding would be compounded if the rapid melt was accompanied by heavy spring rain. 

If you or your community were affected by flood waters or you wanted to send a team to help in a disaster area would you be prepared?  The reality of disaster is not anything we want to think about but would you know the answers to questions such as these in order to begin the clean up?

  1. What documentation and evidence must be preserved for insurance purposes?
  2. What materials must be discarded and what materials can be saved?
  3. What should you do with wet pictures when you find them?  Can they be saved?
  4. Must I have a background check and be trained to work in a flooded community?

To be better prepared to serve your neighbors during a time of crisis get trained now at Early Response Training (ERT) where answers to these questions and many others will be provided.   To learn more about ERT contact Rev. Lee Gale , Pastor Kathy Chesney or Becky Holten .  

Members of early response/clean up teams must be trained, certified and background checked in order to work in a disaster area unless an individual is personally asked to help a family member or friend in their home only.  Be prepared to serve when the need arises. 

Contact Pastor Lee, Pastor Kathy or Becky now to set up an ERT training (minimum of 10 needed to hold a class).


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