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Worship with Groton and Conde and Sunnycrest UMC

In the midst of a pandemic and social distancing, worship with neighbors and church friends online. Come worship with Sunnycrest UMC in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, at 9:30 a.m., and Groton and Conde UMC at 11 a.m., Sunday, June 28.

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An invitiation from Pastor Charlie Moore to worship with Sunnycrest UMC:

Sunday?  Why do you attend/watch church on Sunday?  Join us at Sunnycrest here  to discuss how an "Alive with the Holy Spirit" church is described and what it means to be a "Church of Bronze."  Come. Worship. Challenge. Grow. 

We return to attended worship July 5th.  We are not sure what this looks like yet, but the Leadership Team is working on the balance between in-person worship and on-line worship.  How do we keep a focus on both and keep both alive and well.

Groton And Conde

An invitation from Pastor Brandon Dunham to worship with Groton and Conde UMC:

Good Morning Church family! This is the final week, week 10, of our sermon series The Church at Philippi as we see Paul writing about the joy he holds while being bound to his home. This week we're finishing with Philippians 4:10-23 and the joy of contentment. Join us here

We have recently began worship in the Conde sanctuary again with a model very similar to our online worship. In Groton we have held worship in the parking lot for the last two weeks and we've already endured 25 mph wind one week and rain the next. Our churches are currently in a season of revelation as we have seen the ways we have leaned on Sunday morning worship to a fault, and we are working on what a second chapter of the churches could look like as we prepare for the Fall. God is good. 


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