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Safe Sanctuaries

Background Screening

Here are links to two companies the conference has used for background screenings. Churches are invited to use one of these companies or another company.  It is your responsibility to check with your insurance provider to verify that the option you choose will satisfy the requirement of your policy.

Trak1 - contact the conference office for instructions on how to set up a free account for your church. The conference covers the administative cost and your church will receive a bill only for the screenings. The cost of screenings ranges from $35-$48 and there are options for volunteer as well as staff screenings.

Camp Background Checks - set up a free account for your church. You are only billed for the screenings. The cost is around $11 for each screening. The Dakotas-Minnesota Area Camp and Retreat Ministry office recently began using this company for volunteers. Contact the camping office by e-mail or phone 855-622-1973 if you have questions.