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Strategy Team explores financial structures: A finance subgroup of the Dakotas Conference Strategy Team is taking a look at the stewardship of the ministries of the Dakotas Conference. In addition, the squad has been thinking about future ways to structure funding that equips local churches and pastors. “Managing resources is biblical. It’s all about stewardship,” says Al Roll, who serves as part of the Dakotas Strategy Team and serves as staff for the Dakotas Conference. “We’ve been given gifts, resources, finances, and it’s important that they’re managed properly.”

Strategy Team works to educate, equip, and resource local churches: The 15-member Dakotas Conference Strategy Team of clergy and laity has been discerning how the Dakotas Conference might live into the future with new models of connection and strategy that accomplish our shared mission. “I hope that we do not lose sight of sharing Jesus Christ’s love with all people," says Pastor Barry Whipkey. The work is happening through subgroups or task groups— communications, resources, financial, critical questions. “We are imagining and developing models to continue to carry out our mission and goals," says Tiffany Ortman. The team has developed a survey instrument, a values discernment tool and a Breakthrough Prayer. "We are all in this for our passion for Jesus and to serve," says Jane Hincks.

Strategy Team Breakthrough Prayer: The Dakotas Conference Strategy Team is meeting bi-weekly. The group invites individuals and churches to pray for this team's work and the future of The United Methodist Church. Please pray this Strategy Team Breakthrough Prayer. Download and share copies of the prayer with members of your congregation.

Better together: Conference strategy team maps out a path forward: In the midst of a time of great uncertainty, a group of Dakotas clergy and laity are exploring ways to adapt as a Conference and better support our local churches in accomplishing the mission. Bishop Bruce R. Ough, resident bishop for the Dakotas-Minnesota Area, has called together a team of 14 clergy and laity to consider how the Dakotas Conference might live into the future with new models of connection and strategy that accomplish our common mission.

Doing our best work together: Bishop Ough's State of the Church Address: In his State of the Church Address, Bishop Ough calls upon us to do our best work as we face the new expression of the United Methodist Church, and lead through this time of uncertainty. Ough is forming a strategy team in the Dakotas Conference to create models for congregations and church leaders to live out their mission and purpose.


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