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First Aid for Mental Health

Location: Leana Stunes, benefits officer, Dakotas Conference UMC
Date: March 10 at 10:00am

One in every five Americans (52.9 million people) experience mental illness each year.

First Aid for Mental Health poster

The signs of someone struggling with mental health are often subtle, leaving many conditions undetected and therefore undiagnosed and untreated. It’s important to not only recognize these signs in ourselves but in our family, friends and colleagues so that we can give them the support they need when they need it.
Recognizing this gap in care and the results from the 2021 Clergy Well-being Survey showing a steady decline in mental and emotional health, Wespath is offering first aid training for mental health.
First Aid for Mental Health is a two-part live, virtual training webinar facilitated by Chris White, a leading international UK government hostage and crisis negotiator and First Aid for Mental Health trainer. This training will teach you how to identify and understand mental health challenges with empathy, and without judgment.
According to White, “We all have our ‘window on the world’” and that window is in a room. The First Aid for Mental Health concept of empathy is listening without judgment to earn the right to enter another person’s room and look at the world through their window. First Aid for Mental Health teaches you how to be invited (or welcomed) into someone else’s room, see the world through their window and get them the help they need. It also teaches you how to accept and understand your own mental health needs, without embarrassment or shame.
This training is offered to all United Methodist Church clergy and their spouses, Church leaders, staff and congregation members– at no cost. Spots are limited, register today.


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