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Spring 2023 Incubator

Date: April 26, 2023 at 9:00am
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Join us for the 2023 Spring Incubator!
April 26-28 ONLINE event 9 am-2:00 pm
ZOOM platform


  1. Individuals that are feeling a call to start a new place for new people.
  2. Churches in one service that is dated or otherwise no longer connects with new people.
  3. Churches that are restarting after a decision to pursue radical change.
  4. Churches that are declining because their neighborhood is changing and their existing worship demographic does not match the neighborhood.
  5. Churches that are growing and have hit the .75% full mark.
  6. Churches that are growing and would like to start a new service or new site.
  7. Churches that would like to start a new congregation but are by funding or strategy concerns.


The Start Up Incubator is an onboarding/discovery process to prepare newly appointed church planters or those exploring start up projects (new service or new site). This is an introduction into the skills, behaviors, and tools of a church planting leading to a plan that can be put into action.


  • Understand the Christological, biblical and theological foundations for planting.
  • Develop a grasp of the overall scope and task sequence needed to start a new faith community.
  • Clarify your picture of those you are seeking to reach using state of the art demographics.
  • Develop an understanding of Design Thinking to reduce risk in church planting strategy.
  • Develop methods for community engagement, networking, evangelism and gathering.
  • Develop a discipleship and leadership development strategy to add depth to your reach.
  • Develop a sustainability plan as relates to funding and gain donor development skills.
  • Build a plan with metrics to launch large and achieve 70% of your needed sustainability.
  • Understand the common landmines that threaten new church plants.
  • Develop a communication strategy for messaging your vision and opportunity to practice.
  • Gain an understanding of strategies to lead change if you are multiplying your existing ministry.

Questions: Contact Ben ingebretson at:
Register: Contact Gail Johnson at:


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