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Solar Oven Partners

Solar Oven PartersSolar Oven Partners (SOP) has distributed ovens to over 10,000 trained users. The ministry works to place ovens in the hands of the poor in deforested land. This Volunteer in Mission (VIM) ministry travels to the Donimican Republic three times a year. 

Why Are Solar Ovens Needed?Volunteer

For a third of humanity, a hot meal means cooking over an open fire. More than 40% of the population of the Dominican Republic live in poverty.  The women of the household are frequently balancing the purchase of cooking fuel against buying adequate and healthy food to feed the family.                      

Solar Ovens  provide relief.  It is a economic way to cook food. Ovens pasteurize drinking water, to help reduce life-threatening, such as diarrhea and dehydration, reducing the child and infant mortality rates from water-borne diseases.

Cooking with charcoal, traditional fuel in countries like the Dominican Republic, is unhealthy. Solar Ovens eliminate the resulting air pollution and reduce cases of respiratory and eye disease, burns among women and children who tend cooking fires.

VolunteersHow Can I Help?

  • Give the gift of a solar oven to a family in need. Costs of components and shipping for the high-quality ovens have topped $100. When added to the cost of the program’s two-day training seminars—an essential element in successfully placing an oven—the cost is approximately $150 per family. Tax-deductible gifts of any size are important. Click here to donate.  Here are the numbers you need to know—Dakotas UMC Advance #637,    UMCOR Advance #418812.

  • Serve on a Volunteers In Mission team at your own expense to help with solar oven assembly and training for solar cooking.

  • Volunteer to help fabricate oven components at central workshop at Raymond, SD and the reflector workshop in Moffit, ND  .      

Where Can ISolar Oven Partners Learn More?

Visit the Solar Oven Partners web page for in- depth information.

Like and follow Solar Oven Partners on Facebook for breaking news. 

For more information, contact Solar Oven Partners Director Marjorie Evans-de-Carpio.

  Lead the way—cook with the sun!