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Annual enrollment for HealthFlex Exchange insurance plan October 31 – November 15


The Annual Enrollment/Election for HealthFlex Exchange insurance plans in 2019 will be October 31 - November 15, 2018. Login at to access the WebMD homepage. This is also where you can ask “Alex” Benefits Counselor to help you determine the best health insurance plan for you to enroll in for 2019. This is for clergy actively serving churches full-time– NOT retirees. If you have trouble establishing your HealthFlex/WebMD login, please contact Web MD customer service 1-866-302-5742.

When you do make your choices during Annual Election, please make sure you complete your election and get all the way to the CONFIRMATION page (print your confirmation and keep it for your records) and click on the “I Agree” button at the bottom of the page.

Do the options of B1000, C2000, C3000, H1500, H2000 and H3000 make your head spin? Then, let Alex Benefits Counselor help you determine what might be best plan for you. “Alex” will be available on the HealthFlex/WebMD page until Open Enrollment which begins October 31st.  

Even though Alex helps you determine your plan(s) it DOES NOT make your election for you. You MUST go online and elect your choices during Annual Election. If you do not, you will be enrolled in the C3000 plan in 2019 -exam core vision, no dental and no reimbursement accounts. That is the default plan. Please note – this is a CHANGE. Currently the Default Plan is the C2000 plan. You won’t automatically keep your current plan or health accounts. The default for 2019 is the C3000 and that is the plan you will be enrolled in if you don’t elect something else. Everyone enrolled in HealthFlex needs to participate in the enrollment online – even if you’re not planning to make any changes to your Conference medical insurance, vision or reimbursement plans in 2019.

This is for ACTIVE clergy only!

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Retirees DO NOT participate in Open Enrollment with HealthFlex.

For more information, please contact Leana Stunes, Conference Benefits Officer at