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Bakken Oil Rush Ministry: A Challenge to the Dakotas Conference

A challenge is before us. For every two dollars that is donated to the Bakken Oil Rush Ministry, Arthur / Casselton UMC will match it with one dollar up to $50,000.  That means every $2,000 is worth $3,000 of ministry resources.

There are thousands of people moving into western North Dakota to work in the oil industry. Homeless and lonely, searching for a connection, the people in the Bakken Oil Rush need the United Methodist Church.

Individuals of the Arthur / Casselton United Methodist Church (UMC) have responded.  Kevin Skunes, Arthur farmer and member of the National Corn Growers Association Board, explains, "We need to be aware there are people coming from all over the country, and they don't have a church home. We need to do what we can to make sure the church reaches out to them." 

Arthur / Casselton UMC is challenging each church and individual in the Dakotas Conference to give in whatever way they can.

Bishop Bruce R. Ough, Dakotas-Minnesota Area encourages all to prayfully consider the challenge. "I am grateful to the members of Arthur / Casselton United Methodist Church for their leadership in response to the Miracle Offering for Bakken Ministry.  The generosity of a few allows us to leverage our efforts quickly.  Just as Jesus divided a few loaves of bread and fish to feed many, the Dakotas Conference can now multiply the resources for Bakken Ministry Plan because of this gracious gift."  

Why are the members of  of Arthur/ Casselton UMC  presenting this challenge? Rick Burgum, Arthur, North Dakota explains, "The question is not whether we should give, but how each of us will give. This is our time. The people of western North Dakota need the United Methodist Church."   

Be part of Bishop Ough's Miracle Offering and this challenge for the Bakken Oil Rush Ministry. Learn more about what is happening in western North Dakota. 




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