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#Be Dakotas UMC: We are all invited

By: Doreen Gosmire and Dave Stucke, Dakotas Conference communication team

As United Methodists what does it mean that all are invited? United Methodists in the Dakotas see the Holy Spirit at work in their lives and the the lives of others. UMC is a space where everyone is invited to experience the Holy Spirit’s presence. United Methodists in the Dakotas value being part of a church with different backgrounds, opinions, and gifts. People of many abilities and people in many life situations. Where, when communion is celebrated, everyone is invited to the table. Where you are not expected to think like everyone else.


The Holy Spirit at work in the UMC
By Ryan Dunn | United Methodist Communications

The Holy Spirit inhabits us individually but is often evidenced in community. Our invitation to the Lord’s Supper is a movement of the Spirit—as this invitation represents the extension of God’s grace. The Spirit moves us towards sharing this special meal together.

The fact that United Methodists observe an open table—a communion table where all who are willing are invited to participate—carries notes of the Spirit’s work. We believe that communion is a means for experiencing God’s grace together. An invitation to all to come and share in the meal of remembrance shows the Spirit’s marks of hope and love.

When we recognize the Spirit evident in love, we begin to see a witness to the Spirit across our United Methodist connection. We observe evidence of the Spirit in our practice of the three General Rules: To do no harm, do good, and attend to the ordinances of God.

We observe evidence of the Spirt in our pursuit of justice, as well. Much like school spirit unites students to fanatically root for their hometown team, the Holy Spirit unites the faithful in working towards the establishment of God’s good, fair, and equal human order. The pull we feel as United Methodists (and humans) to stand against racism is a Spirit-inspired feeling. So, too, is the Spirit working through our call for a living wage model. The moments when we seek to address injustice because it “feels like the right thing to do” can be attributed to movements of the Spirit. The Spirit enables us to capture God’s vision for the world as it should be, it then provides ideas for how we participate in God’s good vision.

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