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Dakotas Conference lives out the 2019 AC theme, Dare to Reach! Love Boldly: 2019 Missional Report

By: Doreen Gosmire, director of communications, Dakotas UMC

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Bailey Wieseler, left, Andy Early, Tyrel Schlecht, Beata Ferris, and Landon Brown, present the Reach section of the Missional Report. The report was presented in four different sections—Dare, Reach, Love, Bold, by fourteen presenters.

The Dakotas Annual Conference is living out this year's annual conference theme —Dare to Reach! Love Boldly!  In four separate sessions, annual conference attendees learned about how the conference and churches Dare, Reach, Love, and are Bold

Daring to raise up the next generation of leaders, revitalizing congregations—as seen in the video Champions for Jesus, and collaboarting to help pastoral leaders serve while obtaining needed education through the Kairos program, are evidence that that the Dakotas Conference is daring to make disciples and transform the world. 

Participants found out how the conference  and congregations are Reaching the next person for Jesus by launching new sites, restarting churches, starting new services, and starting new churches—like in the video about The Journey at Spirit Lake. Those present heard ways we are reaching young people through our conference camps, and reaching across cultures. 

Attendees explored the various ways Love is present throughout the conference by supporting our clergy through the Higher Ground Initiative, helping our youth and young adults grow in their faith through youth mission trips, the Elisha Project—watch this video, and DakYouth. 

Those present found out the Bold ways the conference and congregations are raising up the next generation of clergy leaders through scholarships, and the Samuel Project (watch video).  Everyone who attended heard about the bold goal to multiply at three percent—starting seven new worshiping communities each year, like Celebrate Recovery (watch video). Additionally, how the conference is boldly equipping clergy with financial literacy skills and debt-relief through the Lilly grant. 

Click here to view (and print) the missional report that highlights key progress we're making at living out this year’s annual conference theme—Dare to Reach: Love Boldy!


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