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Drinks and Doubts: Flame of Faith UMC's Fresh Expression

By: Dave Stucke and Doreen Gosmire, Dakotas Conference communications


(Rev. Sara McManus)
"Flame of Faith is doing “Drinks and Doubts” as a Fresh Expression.

“Drinks and Doubts” is about God and the questions we sometimes don’t have answers to. We gather at Brewhalla, which is a brewery and a kind of event center. We talk about doubts.

We have a Wheel of Doubt. It is this little spinning thing that has different doubts. The topics were actually decided on by my youth. There is a range of everything. One of the recent topics was Rome and the way that Constantine's connections to the historical church changed the theology of the church. How does that connect to our own doubts about our faith? How do these historical things connect to our faith?

Every conversation is different. Everyone ends up coming back to those things in our hearts that end up keeping us afraid so that we're not actually connecting to God.

I am learning that people are deeply wounded. I think what has been really interesting to me is how much our doubts are connected to our own idea of whether or not we deserve forgiveness.

So again and again, we come back to this. How do we deserve forgiveness from God? And how do we struggle forgiving others for things that are sometimes unforgivable?"

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