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Four elements to making more of Fall 2021

By: Rev. Ben Ingebretson, director of new church development, Dakotas-Minnesota Area UMC

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Fall 2021 will be a unique window for ministry. We hope and trust that physical gatherings will be safe right around the end of summer vacation. Community gatherings will feel like a lost luxury that has been recovered. It will be a special time for our churches, as well as for unchurched or under-churched people in our communities.

Rev. Ben Ingebretson recently presented a webinar, “Fall 2021 Re-Launching Post-Pandemic Public Worship with the Purpose.” Ingebretson shares a roadmap with four elements to a great launch focusing on one central purpose, creating strategic teams, preparing for the next five months, implementing for two months.

One central purpose: The central purpose for the Fall of 2021 is to engage people who are non-attenders. People who may have caught a glimpse of online worship or ministry during the COVID-19 pandemic. Or non-attendees who are seeking connection after the isolation of the pandemic.

Five strategic teams: Create teams for prayer and worship, communications, community engagement, ministry programming, and invitation and hospitality. Teams do not need to be large but strategic. The idea is to use the gifts of those around you to make things happen.

Five preparation months: Begin to plan now. Spend the months of April and May aligning where you are to where you want to go, set a goal and vision. In June, design what it will take to reach the vision and goal. Begin with pray, consider a Breakthrough Prayer Initiative. Get the details in place with specific plans in July. Consider how a digital campus could help you achieve your vision and goals. In August, begin to engage and communicate, be creative.

Fall 2021 launch: The fall kickoff is not a one-day event. You have spent time dreaming and planning, so take the time to engage people. Spend the fall months forming relationships and  inviting and welcoming people to form a relationshup with Jesus.

Resources from REACH! Make More of Fall 2021: Handout, webinar video
Digital Campus
Training videos: week 1, week 2, week 3; Nona Jones book and website

Two resources for Breakthrough Prayer:
 Sue Nilsen Kibbey books and resources, Breakthrough Prayer Facebook Group

Other resources:
 Art of Neighboring, A Story Behind Every Door video


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